New Products Coming in 23 Days

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Referrals = $50 in Free Products

I am committed to helping as many people as possible find products that actually WORK instead of adding to their product graveyard. You know what I am talking may be a drawer or even an entire shelf in your bathroom. Or maybe you know someone that is struggling with getting healthy and has tried everything out there. Please tell them what YOU like about Arbonne! The growth of my business depends on my awesome clients helping me spread the word.

If you know anyone that may be interested in Arbonne please tell them to contact me or send me their information (with their permission). If they become a client I will gift YOU with a $50 product of your choice. It's so easy!

New Products Are Coming

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Pre-Order the New Products Now

Every spring 18,000 consultants descend onto Las Vegas for the Arbonne Global Training Conference (GTC) for inspiration, training and to find out what the new products will be. I don't know what they are but we know that we will unveil a game-changing new category!

The new products will be announced the evening on April 14 and then consultants are allowed to purchase the set at a screaming deal. I will be able to buy as many sets as I want which means my CLIENTS can take advantage of this special deal, too. Here is what I know:

  • I Want it All Set: $250
  • Breakthrough New Category Product: $169
  • Special Offer (assume this inclues existing products at a huge discount): $450

(Plus tax and shipping)

The products will be available on my website to order individually April 14 around 11pm Central. But if YOU would like to order a deeply discounted set of ALL the products let me know. If you prefer to wait to find out what the products are I can contact you while I am at the convention and then you can decide.

$100 in Free Products

I can't wait to start sharing the new products when I get back from Vegas! Let's set up a time for me to bring them over in April or May to show you and a few friends. To thank you for your time I will gift you with $100 in free products. No pressure or sales quotas...that's not my style at all. YOU WILL GET THE PRODUCTS simply for having your friends come over.

How Arbonne Came Into My Life

My good friend (and bridesmaid!) NVP Katie DeDominicis called me in May of 2012 to tell me she started a business with Arbonne. I had been to an Arbonne party a year before and liked the products but was never told about the income opportunity.

She asked me, "Where will you be in 5 years if you keep doing what you are doing?" and that really scared me. It is very expensive to support a family of four on one salary which leaves us with more month than money. Also, what if my husband, Jason, got sick and couldn't work? We needed the security of a Plan B to prepare for impact. We also need to save money so our sons, Connor and Mason, can go to college. I worked in marketing for ten years before Connor was born and do not want to go back to a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) desk job. I want to continue to stay home with my boys so I can be there when they get off the bus. The Arbonne opportunity was everything I was looking for: the flexibility to work from home around my family's schedule while making an income to meet our family's needs.

On June 24, 2012 I became an Independent Consultant to ensure a better future for my family. I had no idea what I was doing but I wanted to help my family. I was immediately intrigued by the idea that Arbonne offered consumable products that literally go down the drain ensuring that clients will order more. And we offer products for everyone--from babies to baby boomers. How many people do you know that have skin and hair? That take a shower and are looking for ways to get healthy. Everyone, right? Anti-aging and health and nutrition are billion dollar industries making Arbonne a double threat!