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October Kudos

WOW, What a ROCKTOBER is was!

Congratulations everyone on an incredible month. The momentum that many of you are building in your business is undeniable. We had many who achieved their personal best highest sales month ever in October, we celebrated 7 team promotions, and added THIRTY-THREE new stylists to our team. I am so excited for each of you who are using your 20 seconds of courage to book one more show, sponsor a friend, and hostess coach to the fullest.
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Top In Sales

October Top Sellers - $2308 or higher earning 30% commission..we had 41 women earn 30% commission and 6 Stellar Sellers with over $5000 in sales! This list grows longer every month....AMAZING!!

Melinda Marshall $11,647.20

Nancy Weightman $8,648.05

Christine Lammers $7,105.00

Hannah Mason $6,984.25

Nancy Shipway $5,796.40

Anita Hieber $5,789.00

Megan Mungovan $4,150.50

Nicole Hazen $4,141.30

Jami Davis $4,120.30

Katie Tillman $3,935.82

Deborah Zevalkink $3,755.32

Cherie Hedrick $3,738.50

Danika Prister $3,709.30

Erin Moharita $3,666.15

Mayra Duran $3,565.50

Kristen Makins $3,544.25

Melanie Quicker $3,407.50

Kathryn Androff $3,351.87

Jennifer Johnson $3,327.74

Kelly Petitto $2,973.50

Jonelle Conway $2,918.50

Sarah Zengerle $2,911.50

Bridget Drzewicki $2,856.00

Christine Clemmer $2,709.70

Alison Bolt $2,654.00

Kristie Conklin $2,629.20

Greta Myers $2,465.50

Megan Kosecki $2,449.50

Alison Meyer $2,449.50

Susan Brock $2,431.15

Ellen Harms $2,405.50

Andrea Spangler $2,395.75

Ashley Norwood $2,390.37

Christa Fisher $2,387.50

Robin Peruggia $2,384.50

Darcel Brown $2,341.39

Jamie Brandimarte $2,336.00

Misty Bratcher $2,332.50

Leslie Kahle $2,321.50

Ashley Vella $2,319.40

Jessica Kruswicki $2,316.32

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Welcome to November!

You rocked the Summer - now let's get ready to Wrap Up The Season. I love how many of our stylists have already earned level 1 or 2. I know we have a few going for the top level prize and all the other levels in between. Whatever your goal is, your leadership team is here to help you reach it. Talk with your sponsor, share your goal with your family, and use the team Facebook pages to celebrate your success along the way.

The next 6 weeks are the busiest of the year for many stylists. Please do not hesitate to reach out for support or to have your questions answered. I am personally offering coaching sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I am having so much fun learning more about the stylists on our team and their individual goals. I would love to learn more about YOU and your business too. Click here to sign up for an open call.

Make it great month!

In lieu of a December Team Meeting, Sarah, Kristie & I will be hosting a Team Holiday Celebration in Michigan on Dec 2nd. Mark your calendars and plan to join us for a fun evening celebrating all we've accomplished this year. You can RSVP here.

Anjewels Director & Founding Leader