Women Take Action

Stop Asking "when?", Take Action To Make It "NOW!"

Women Take Action

Monday, Feb. 2nd, 8:30pm

100 Queen Street West

Toronto, ON

This event will take place at City Hall but you can also connect through online and attend the workshops, watch the speech given and connect with other women just like you. We want all of you to take action, no matter where you are

Point of This Seminar

To inspire women to be the one who makes the difference. This meetup will help women overcome the fear of standing up to their society and doing what they believe in. It will have workshops that...
  1. Women will help each gain confidence in voicing their opinions,
  2. women will be educated on how to become an activist,
  3. women will be educated on how to use applications and the internet as an activist and
  4. women will be educated on the rights they have and
  5. women will realize that they are equal to men.
Women need to know they are not alone in situations where they are underestimated just because of their gender being female and that stereotypes of women being valued less than men are untrue. When leaving the meetup, you will leave with pride of being a female no matter where you live in the world and knowledge on how to not only let your voice but count.

You Are Special No Matter Where You Come From

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Embrace Your Identity, Stand Up For Your Rights & Inspire Women to Set Themselves Free


Watch international driving licensee, Manal al-Sharif's journey and the country's reaction to this activist's movement. She taught women to Embrace Their Identity, Stand Up to the Cultural Stereotypes of "women should not drive" and Set Women Free on June 17; every women in Saudi Arabia got out and drove.


2:00-3:00 ~ Organized into groups and be given refreshments

3:00 - 5:00 ~ Five rotating workshops

  1. Women learn to voice their opinions
  2. Women will be taught how to become an activist
  3. Women will be educated on how to use applications and the internet as an activist and
  4. Women will be educated on the rights they have
  5. Women will realize their significance

5:00 - 6:00 ~ Dine at the Great Hall and Share Experiences

6:006::00 ~ Guest Speaker, Manal al - Sharif, talks to you on the importance of standing up to feminism and take action.

How I will Know the Positive Change Brought by The Workshop

This workshop will not just give women the knowledge on how to use various tools like the internet and applications to voice their opinions, but motivation. the motivation needed to ignite the spark inside of them and burn a flame or courage. The TED Talk video showed how one women's motivation could ignite the spark inside thousands of

women to stand up to feminism and take action.

Women will realize how easy it is to fulfill their goals buy learning to take action instead of wondering when action is going to be taken, through the workshops they attend, the people they meet and the inspirational people they listen too. They will leave as confident women, with more knowledge on what paths to take to become an activist and all in all, as a women who can stand up to society's empowering stereotypes.

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