Ms. Loftus' Class

4th Grade All Stars!

NWEA Winter RIT test

Thursday, Jan. 7th, 12:30pm

7781 Asbury Park

Detroit, MI

Students will be testing on this day. Please make sure they are well rested with a healthy lunch! Thank you for all that you do parents!

Dear Students, parents and guardians

Hi everyone! This will be where I now send out all of the information that will also be on the Monday mailer. I will be updating this often, and will always send you the link through Remind. I will keep the old information for everyone to see previous news and assignments from older posts! :) Welcome! Hope this is useful!

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Spelling Words for the week of Jan. 4

1. however

2. mountain

3. mound

4. scout

5. shout

6. couch

7. towel

8. ounce

9. coward

10. outdoors

11. flowerpot

12. scowl

13. browse

14. announce

15. hound

16. trout

17. drowsy

18. grouch

19. eyebrow

20. boundary

Jan 5, 2016

Welcome back DPA families! We have started with a bang and are already learning so much! Today and for the rest of the week we talked about generalization and visualization. We will also have homework each night!

We have started Unit 4 on numbers and operations. We will have homework each night this week, please contact me if your scholar is struggling! Tutoring will begin within the month, more info will come this week!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

Winter Break Homework

Over break I have put together a a math and ELA packet and have allowed each child to check out 1 book from the library to complete a book report.

-ELA Packet is a review packet for the next Unit Test

-Math is a review and practice of subtraction, multiplication, and division

-Book Report: students will choose 1 project from the list and complete the report on the book that they checked out from the library!

If you have any questions over break, please text or call me at anytime, I will always be available to you.