October 28, 2021

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Please see below for three very important updates!

Brad Talley, Principal

1. Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be November 4 and November 5. Please see the image below for more information.

2. Arrival for 8th Grade

Starting Monday, 8th grade students' arrival location will change to our new recess area on the east side of the school. Parents are encouraged to drop students off using the lane built along Findlay Ave.
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3. Costumes for October 29

We will allow our students to dress in costume on Friday, October 29. They will be required to follow our current dress code (Current LMS Dress Code). Also, these specific guidelines will be in place:

*No fake blood

*No real/toy weapons or clothing with weapons on it

*No clothing with violence on it

*No costume masks

While the full-body inflatable costumes are fun, they are not permitted, as they deter identification of students wearing them.

Also, we want to be sure costumes are culturally sensitive. Costumes must be culturally sensitive in nature and should be respectful of the backgrounds and heritage of others. What might seem like a harmless and fun costume can be highly offensive to students and/or groups of students. Ethnic, religious, and various other themed costumes that serve as stereotypes of groups are not appropriate and do not reflect the respect for all people that we wish to embody at Longfellow. We ask that students be thoughtful in their costume choices.