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About the Book

Written by a practicing physician, this practical guide for everyone helps the readers understand what various symptoms mean and how to deal with them. It contains several typical cases of medical consultations and the approach a physician would follow to deal with each situation.

Many patients wish that the doctor explained to them all the various probabilities that could be associated with their symptoms and why the doctor orders the tests he/she does.

This book is for those anxious people who have many unanswered questions in their minds regarding their illnesses. It also contains some practical tips such as how to adjust the insulin dose in diabetes.

About the Author

Dr. Anila Chandy is a physician associated with the Apollo group of hospitals and Motherhood Hospital, Chennai, India. A medical graduate from the Christian Medical College, Vellore, and postgraduate in Internal Medicine from the Christian Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana, she has authored various publications and articles for the medical fraternity.

Passionate about bringing understandable medicine within the reach of the layman at an affordable price, she has written this book. Having served in rural India for over 2 years, and with a total of over 15 years practicing experience in well- known hospitals, she understands the need to diagnose patients at the basic level first, before ordering expensive and often unnecessary medical tests.

This work is like a reference medical book that attempts to list out common symptoms and possible diagnosis. It is not exhaustive and does not attempt to be such. On the other hand, it equips the patient with some understanding of common ailments before approaching a hospital. It also gives sound advice on how to eat and live healthy.

ISBN: 81309234672 • 234 Pages • Year: 2016 • Price: Rs 495