Think Before you Speak/Show love

Nolan Ridout

My Name is Nolan Ridout

This is my smore to explain my theme to life.
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Ideas that Apply to my Life and Theme

  • Loss
  • Celebrations
  • Happiness
  • Sadness
  • Pain
  • Bossness

What have I Learned, How have I Grown, Why do I act this Way?

I learned with happiness there is sadness

I have grown by:

getting muscle

getting a girlfriend

being happy

getting older


I act the way I do out of my reactions of everyday life.
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My Theme is Always Show Love and Respect and Think Before You Speak

I Chose this because you never know when your loved ones are gone.
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Characters who Help Support My Theme

Character name: Brooke Jannesen

Relationship to you: girlfriend

Influence on theme: I show her I respect her decisions and show her how I feel about her (kindness) and she does the same to me.

Character name: Mom

Relationship to you: Mother

Influence on theme: I show her I love her and she does the same to me.

Character name: Dad

Relationship to you: Father

Influence on theme: I don’t respect my dad and he told me my theme and I chose it because I want to respect him.

Character name: PJ

Relationship to you: Sister

Influence on theme: She means the world to me and if anything happens to her I would die.


-Norwalk and Winterset

Why is it important to me?

-It is where I live.

How might my theme be different if in a different setting?

-I wouldn't have the same theme.


  1. I lied to my dad.
  2. My dad said I could go to Winterset if I got bullied.
  3. I stayed in Norwalk and everything got better.
Which of these plots would be the climax?

  • My dad saying I could go to Winterset
How has this contributed to my theme?

  • It shows I need to love and respect him because I was mean and lied to him.

My Theme Link,_Jury,_Executioner“don’t talk, think” Quote from The Walking Dead.

Nolan Ridout

I am a youtuber, happy wheels player, gamer, etc.
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