Eastside Elementary

February 25, 2019

Theme in 3rd Grade

Mrs. Gentry's Literacy classes have been learning about theme! Students worked in groups to examine common themes found in books and give examples and definitions to their classmates. They were also mini-teachers to their classmates about correct punctuation when using dialogue in writing! Students love learning from their peers!

Attendance Incentive February-March 15 (6 weeks)

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Spring Family Night will be Math and Wellness Night March 7!

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ACT Aspire Interim 3 testing will be THIS week for grades 3-5. We are excited to see our students reach the goals they have set and to encourage them on how to continue to succeed!

February-Encourage Confidence during Testing

Focus on Confidence
Never underestimate the power of confidence, which is the ultimate goal above a good test score. You want your child to walk into school confident every day, Sinovoi says. Be the supportive voice, offering encouragment as they work on their homework and tests. Make yourself available to field questions. You can also instill confidence by giving them space and time to do their work, showing them that their study time is important and they have a say in it.

A big reason students experience test anxiety is fear of the unknown. But if you emphasize how well your child knows the concepts to be covered on the test, he should feel more ready.

Help, don’t hover. If you sense you are almost doing their homework for them, you probably are. Your child needs to be an independent student to succeed. “It’s important to help your child, support them, check in with them, and steer them in the right direction if they are going in the wrong, but,” Simpkins says, “make sure they get the concepts without doing the work for them.”

When in doubt about how to support your student, go to the source. “Sit and listen. Let your child teach you. That can make it a lot of fun,” Sinovoi says.

To read the full article, click the link below! There are great ideas on encouraging your students during a test.

Reminders for Parents-

Our weather policy for recess has changed. Students will go out if the windchill is above 32 degrees.

When dropping off students after the 8:00 bell to start the school day, please walk your student in and sign them in for the day. It is important for safety that they are escorted in after this time.
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Parent Resource Center!

Our Parent Resource Center is up and running. There are math and literacy materials your student can bring home to help close any gaps in learning and reinforce skills and concepts learned in the classroom. Just ask your classroom teacher for a prescription for learning and the perfect resource will be headed home with your student!

Podcast for the Week-"Wow in the World"

Below you will find a link to an NPR podcast aimed for students!

Listen with your children for science, health, interesting topics, and silliness with Guy Raz and Mindy!

Menus and Lunch Times

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Upcoming Dates-

Feb. 25-28 ACT Interim 3 for Grades 3-5

February 26-Spring Pictures

March 1- Spirit Day/Dr. Seuss Day!

March 18-22 SPRING BREAK

March 26 - April 5 State MAP Testing K-2

April 22 - 24 ACT Aspire Summative Testing 3-5