Scientific Revolution

Nusrath Chowdhury

What was the scientific revolution?

The scientific revolution occurred during the time of sixteenth century through the seventeenth century. That time scientific discover many things in the society. The things the discovered are they thought earth was center of the universe also called geothermic. According to the theory they thought the sun, planet, and moon all moved around earth in circular path, and they also observed and discovered about plane, scientific method, gravitation, and about astronomy. As a result, during the scientific revolution different scientist hypothesis and discovered about different things. So in the end i think scientific revolution was all about discoveries new things that some of them we are still using and believing and some of them we are not using and believing because now days people proved some of the scientific revolution theories as a wrong.

who was galileo? what he did and why he is important?

Galileo was an italian math frofessor who proved many of aristotle's theories about nature is wrong. He tested aristotle's ideas about pendulums and found them wrong. He found objects accelerate at a prdictable and fixed rate and also proved heavy objects fall at same rate as lighter objects. Galileo improved the telescope and he was the first person to improve it that was enough for observe the sky. He use the telescope to study the sunspot, the moon's surface, and jupiter's moons. Galileo discovered four moons these are lo, gaymede, callisto, and europa are called the galliean moons in his honor. As a result, the church was against him and later he was house arrest. He is important because he discovered or improved the telescope which we still use in our daily life for different things. Copernicus was polish astromer.He said geocentric model did not explain the movements of the sun, moon, and planets. He study the problem for 30 years then he proposed new model for universe called heliocentric model it means the sun was center of the universe. This was the first model of universe in 2000 years. He was important because for him we know that sun is the center of the universe otherwise we could still have that wrong information. Kepler proved that the heliocentric was true observations. He also observed the three law of planetary motion based upon his observation that planet move in elliptical, rapidly, and proportional. He was important because many scientist still follow his direction when they go outside of the earth.

How it change the society at the time and how the change evidenced in today's modern society?

In many ways society change at that time. For example, church got week because of the new discoveries of the scientist. Peoples began to question accepted the theories about the universe and nature. People began to developed new things that help them to live good life and the way of thinking got better. It evidence in modern society because many of the theories we can use in our observation and its made our life easier for example of telescope, barometer, microscope, thermometer which we use in our modern society to look at the sky and measure also use in different things as good tools.