2016 Poetry Anthology

By Katie Day


Katie Day was born in Fort Worth, Texas, and didn't start writing poetry until this project. She was born in to a christian and patriotic family, half from Arizona and half from Texas. Katie is not a big fan of writing narratives or expository essays, but she does like writing poetry.

"Where I'm From"

I am from gunpowder, from a hunting rifle and adrenaline from seeing a buck.

I am from the beauty of a horse as it lopes across my back pasture.

Its mane and tail whipping through the wind

I am from the lake water, the desert cactus

I am from spring round up and laughter, from the Andersons and the Neshems and the Days.

I am from the givers and the proud.

From trust in God and be the best you can.

I am from dirt, from which His hands created me unique and in His image.

I'm from the lone star state and the land of the midnight sun, lefse and fajitas.

From the memory of my grandpas “selective” hearing. From Peter Rabbit my mother read every night before I went to bed and going to Arizona to see family each and every Christmas.

I am from the many memories held in the pictures hanging around my mirror and in my drawers, reminding me of the love that surrounds me.

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Narrative Poem- How Does it Happen so Fast

How does it happen so fast.

One second everything is fine

The next I’m falling apart.

It was supposed to be a good day, but it was attacked by death.

I wake up to find he’s gone

I don’t understand. Christmas is a happy holiday

Tears streaming down my face

“He was just fine before we left,” I barely choked out

I have never seen my dad cry this much

How did it all happen so fast.

Soon it’s the funeral

It still hasn’t sunk in all the way

How could all of this happen on such a joyous day

That can’t be him in that casket

I just sit there staring, waiting for him to get up and start laughing like he does

Maybe this is a joke.

God why did you do this to my family

I walk up to see my grandfather one last time

and I break.

That can’t be the last time.




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Structure Poem- The Possibilities in a Pen

A pen.

So many

things can

be made

from this

simple object

and a little


Words can dance

along the page

Pictures come to life

All with a little

pressure and one

little item

A pen.

The options

are endless.

There are

no rules.

With a



You can create anything.

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Ode- Reminder from a Ring

My grandpa always wore this ring,

Unfortunately it was given to me.

I love it, don’t get me wrong

But I wish I could see him wear it again

It’s a glorious ring

The shape of the Lone Star State

It’s a reminder of my grandfather.

I constantly wear it on my ring finger of my right hand

The gorgeous ring stares at me

And I see my grandpas face

Like a daydream, memories flood my brain

Pure bliss.

The wonderful ring shines,

Like stars in a dark night

The indentions crawling over the glistening state

Like the roads he and my grandmother traveled

The single diamond seems to mark where he lived

All roads lead to home,

Like a map.

Every morning I slip my precious reminder on

And a smile never leaves my face.

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Extended Metaphor Poem- An Unfinished Book

I am an unfinished book.

Filled with fragile pages,

More added each day as my story goes on

My cover is stained with peoples prints

My chapters filled with parts of me

Memories, good and bad fill up empty space

They show who I am

In a library full of books,

I can still catch your eye

I am unique, no book containing my story

There is only one copy

Getting a page thicker every day

Scents and pictures entwined in my story

Accomplishments and failures all write themselves

Though I can be judged by my cover,

You have to see what’s inside.

I have no control of what’s engraved in my pages,

But I have faith everything is making a great story

I am an unfinished book.

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Sonnet- Confusing Love

Love is the most confusing thing to feel.

Once you fall in love, it hurts to fall out

Sometimes you can’t be sure if it’s real,

Once you figure it out you know its love

Love can leave you torn up and broken

Or happier than you have ever been.

At times your feelings can be unspoken,

As actions show how you truly feel then

You cannot help who you fall in love with

You don’t always know what to do or how

Love can make you feel like you’re in a myth

And push you further than you would allow

Love is confusing and overwhelming.

Love is a weird and beautiful thing.

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Out of this whole project, my favorite poems to write were the "Where I'm From" poem, extended metaphor, and the ode. I tried to use similes, metaphors, and figurative language to display my feelings and how I saw things. I intended for the reader to understand my thoughts and feelings and be able to picture what I was referring to through my comparisons and figurative language. I didn't really have a certain design, I just wrote and put punctuation where I felt it was necessary. As a poet, I use my real life experiences and at times I will twist them into a new story. Overall, I really enjoyed this unit because the possibilities are endless in writing poetry and at times it is comforting to put down all of my feelings on paper.