Fall 2022

Message from the President - Lori Becker

As the summer of 2022 winds down, I realize how similar it was to all my past summers since 1999. I always find myself trying to savor the last few weeks of the season by packing in as much summer fun as I can. Eating ice cream, watermelon and cookout food, swimming, and sunning must be penciled into my schedule before I return to school. Even though I do indulge in and appreciate fall, football, and the occasional pumpkin-spice latte, there is something special about the end of summer that always leaves me questioning how it went by so fast.

As my mindset turns to the new school year, I can’t help but recognize that there is a nationwide teacher shortage as a result of all the media coverage on the topic. The majority of schools today are experiencing difficulties filling vacancies, enticing teachers to stay, and working with an outdated and clunky certification program. In addition, teachers have the lowest pay compared to other industries requiring the same amount of education and experience. Few substitutes, lost planning time and inadequate class coverage can cause a vicious cycle of teacher burnout and stress to those of us who are still working every day in the trenches taking on these extra burdens. Teacher burnout is the main reason educators leave the profession. Remember, however, that teachers are society’s compassionate optimists who are the advocates for our children and their future. Please do not be discouraged by what I am saying, but rather, feel empowered and encouraged that “when you know better, you do better.”

To help solve education’s current problems, Pennsylvania has developed a plan to focus on 5 main areas: Meeting staffing needs, building a more diverse workforce, modernizing to a more rigorous certification system, offering higher quality teacher preparation, and making more meaningful and relevant professional development opportunities available. The state’s department of education developed these strategies in response to interviewing many PA educators throughout the 2021-2022 school year.

So, if Pennsylvania has a plan to deal with the challenges, we as educators can have our own action plan to avoid teacher burnout in the new school year. Here is a list of 8 ways we can do this…

1. Make mindfulness a daily practice.

2. Exercise and stay active.

3. Create community and maintain social outlets.

4. Beware of “contagious negativity.”

5. Set internal and external boundaries.

6. Get plenty of rest and relaxation.

7. Adopt a growth mindset.

8. Finally, choose compassion over empathy.

My takeaway or message for you this school year is that if you stay cognizant of your internal experience, use the right tools to avoid burnout and stress, and practice self-care you will be able to meet new challenges and inspire your inner educator to confront issues head-on with professionalism and grace. Remember, you are surely not alone in this pursuit.

Wishing you the most fulfilling school year yet!


Announcing our first PBEA In-person Conference in two years! Come collaborate, fellowship, commiserate (:-), and share ideas with fellow business educators! Please register on the attached sheet! Attached is a tentative schedule, as well. Come hear from high school business alum/their successes; NBEA president-elect - Barb Hagler, Personal Finance specialist - HIllary Hunt, trauma and special education specialist - Dr. Deborah Romig, Jeremy Kropf with PFEW (PA Free Enterprise Week, cooperative education, entrepreneurship, CTE in our business curriculum, Bloomberg Terminal session, and much more! Free giveaways including: TWO free NBEA platinum memberships worth $244 each, one FREE night stay at the host hotel worth $99, and much more! Register today!

More good news!!! The hotel costs have not increased ($99/night)! Please register at http://pbea.info/ for the conference, reconnect with past friends, and find all information and forms!

Husky Dog Pound

Thursday, March 23rd 2023 at 9pm

400 East 2nd Street

Bloomsburg, PA

Congratulations New Board Members!!

Andy Wise

Please welcome Andy Wise to our PBEA board. He has agreed to be the president-elect. Andy has been a long time business education teacher and PBEA member. He has presented at several PBEA conferences. He also had the best cooperating teacher for his student teaching experience (feel free to ask him about her…lol). He teaches at Hempfield High School and is married with three beautiful children.

Welcome, Andy.

PBEA Treasurer's Report

2022 PBEA Summer Meeting


Current Balances as of 6/21/2022

Checking 1: $30,796.38

Checking 2: $ 1,629.38

Total: $32,425.76

Profit and Loss Statement, FY 21-22, as of 6/21/2022. The report shows a net income of $1,133.64 for the year.

Openings in the PBEA Board:


  • The responsibilities for this position include:
  • Serve on the Executive Board and attend all meetings.
  • Work with the Membership Chair in recruiting PBEA membership and maintaining an up-to date
  • directory of regional members.
  • Submit an article, when appropriate, for publication in the PBEA Newsletter regional concerns or
  • activities.
  • Solicit regional viewpoint of PBEA matters.
  • Present regional viewpoint at PBEA board meetings.
  • Attempt to hold and promote one regional meeting or workshop per year.
  • Publish one Newsletter per year.


  • Serve on the Executive Board and attend all meetings.
  • Network with members of legislature to promote the Business Education profession
  • Submit an article, when appropriate, for publication in the PBEA Newsletter regional concerns or activities.


  • Serve on the Executive Board and attend all meetings. If unable to attend, should send a written report for presentation
  • Receive all registration materials - work with IU contact to receive online registrations; receive by mail hard copies and checks
  • Work with the treasurer to submit all received checks
  • Develop and maintain an up-to-date list of conference attendees (including presenters etc.)
  • Keep accurate records of conference attendees, payments etc.
  • Solicit vendors to donate items for SWAG bags (including bags, folders, misc. items)

Membership Update

For Membership: Membership continues to grow and now is a good time to join or renew your PBEA Membership. You can show your support by being involved with PBEA, and even considering joining as a member and perhaps on the PBEA Executive Board. One position that is available in November is Membership Chair, where you can help with the recruitment and support of current and future PBEA members. Please consider joining or renewing your PBEA membership and possibly getting involved with PBEA.