Andrew Carnegie

By: Michael Butzer


Andrew Carnegie was born on November 25, 1835, in Dunfermline, Scotland. Carnegie had little formal education growing up, however, the family had lived in believed in the importance of books and learning. At only the age of 13, Carnegie and his family moved to America, where Andrew started work at a factory, working for only $1.20 a week. Carnegie worked his way up in the industry when he found a job at a railroad station in Pennsylvania, and became the superintendent of the business. He finally left the railroad business and moved to the steel industry, where he became a very rich man.


Andrew Carnegie created his own business in 1870 which grew to become the Carnegie Steel Company, which revolutionized steel production during the that time period in the United States.

His net worth would be over 300 billion dollars in today's money from his income from his steel company and much more.

Carnegie sold his company for more than 480 million dollars and ended his career in steel manufacturing

After his life as an entrepreneur, Carnegie became a philanthropist and donated more than 300 million dollars towards refunding 2,500 libraries in the world and much more over his life time.

Lastly, Carnegie donated 1.1 million dollars towards the construction of Carnegie hall, the convert venue that was established in 1891.


The legacy left by Andrew Carnegie is that he helped establish the path to stable buildings, bridges, and many other things. His business, which became known as the Carnegie Steel Company, revolutionized steel production in the United States. Carnegie built plants around the country, using technology and methods that made manufacturing steel easier, faster and more productive. He was able to create a more stable solution to iron and developed the path way for the creation of skyscrapers, schools, and millions of buildings across the world. Who knows what the world might look like without the help of Andrew Carnegie.

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