Engaging with Literature

How you can get involved with your childs literacy

Why is literature important for reading and writing?

Think back to your favorite book as a kid. As adults when you see that book it brings back a lot of good memories right? Well the books have changed, but it works the same way for you children now, but it's not just enjoying reading it can increase how well they learn new words, how well they understand what your child is reading, how fast your child can read, their vocabulary, writing skills everything.

What can you do to help?

You can do a lot to help your child at home. Some things you can do are.

1. Give your child time to read at home.

Reading a lot of different books will help your child expand their imagination, pique their curiosity, and as the old saying goes, "whoever reads more, will read and write better".

2. Talk about what your child has read.

talking about what your child has read will help them understand what they just read, which will give them practice for when they have to read textbooks or study for a test.

3. Help your child pick a variety of books.

Everybody loves Harry Potter and the Hunger Games, but when your child reads a variety of different books, fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, historicial, they're not just reading a book they're broadening their understanding of the world and how they view it. Also it can open up new possibilities and pique your child's curiosity in something that will benefit them in their adult life.

Reading can benefit your child both inside and outside of school. Even reading for just 20 minutes a day can greatly increase their literacy skills. If you don't have a lot of different books at home then that's ok. The Wichita Public Library has thousands of books, and with locations all over Wichita there's bound to be a branch near your house. I would definitely recommend visiting your local library and picking out some interesting books to read because as the old saying goes, "having fun isn't hard when you have a library card". The link below is for the Wichita Public Library system and has links to view books available for check out, and links to find the branch nearest to you.

Thank you for your interest in your child's learning and if you have any questions feel free to contact me at thirdbh@Hotmail.com


Bruce Hadley