Of Mice and Men

Brittany Price

Dreams v.s. Reality

Lennie dreams of tending the rabbits on the farm Lennie and George dream about. But in reality Lennie hurts every small animal he touches.

The Farm

The farm symbolizes when Lennie and George talk about there dream of moving to a farm. Lennie gets really happy when they talk about the farm and when he will get to tend the rabbits.

Lennie's puppy

Lennie has a little puppy. Lennie doesn't realize the puppy is small and fragile and he could hurt it. But without too much effort he kills the puppy with one small smack.
Lennie is very strong and he likes small soft things. By accident with his strength he kills and injures things without effort. He doesn't realize his own strength.

Although Lennie looks tough, he wouldn't purposely hurt anything. He feels bad when he does hurt something and gets upset because then he can't tend the rabbits