Driverless Transportation

Noah Sampson

The Future of Cars

Many known car companies are currently trying to make the perfect self-driving car. Mercedes, tesla, and google are all in the process of creating and testing them. No self-driving cars are available to buy, but you are aloud to test them in a few states.
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How do they Work?

The cars use high-tech sensors to watch where they are going and to see the surrounding vehicles, objects and people. Most of them run on a battery. The Mercedes-Benz model can drive for 600 miles on a full charge. On February 23 in California, one of googles self-driving cars crashed into a bus. Nobody was hurt, but it proves that these automobiles aren't perfect.

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Most scientists believe that human beings will be driving in self-driving cars by 2019. Business insider says that there will be over 10 million self driving cars by 2020. Currently they are being tested and modified. None of them are for sale, and you are only allowed to test them on the road. Testing them was legal in Michigan, California, Nevada, and Florida in 2014.
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Self Driving Submarine

The U.S. military has made an unarmed submarine named "Sea Hunter", which is the navy equivalent of googles self driving car. This submarine can travel in water for up to three months, with no crew or people controlling it. It cost 20 million dollars and it 15-20- thousand dollars per day. It was designed by the pentagon, and it is now going to be tested for the next two years.
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Self-Driving Car Test: Steve Mahan