lenni Lenape Indians

The Delaware Indians by Carter and Hudson

Lenape Indians survival

One way for survival is the men hunting the animals for food, clothing, and tools. The second way of survival is relying on each other.

Were they lived

They lived in northern Delaware, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New York state, and small sections of Connecticut.


Women and Men's Jobs

The men and women had different rolls in the Lenape culture. Men hunted and went to war. The women stayed home and cooked and took care of the Indian children.


The Lenapes were allies with the Nanticoke and the Munsee Delawares. They fought with the powerful Iroquois. One of there chiefs were Chief Tishcohan. In war they used wooden clubs, and body length shields made of wood and moose hide.


They believed that plants had spiritual natures. The Delaware people said , physical abnormalities were made by wicked spirits.