American Literature and SAT Prep

Course Update - Mrs. Brumbelow


Hi Parents,
Grade have been updated. Make sure you login with your parent auditor account in order to view an updated average. Remember that parents' accounts are updated every Wednesday with the new average. You may also login as your student and view the most current and up-to-date grades.

GAVS does not observe a Fall Break. Students should work ahead if they want to take off for a school Fall Break.

Late Work Policy

Please remember that students have three school days to submit late assignments for partial credit. All work following a Thursday assignment due date must be submitted by the following Tuesday in order to receive credit. Work is 10% off each school day it is late.


It's hard to believe that we are basically to the mid-point of the semester! We have the rest of the month of October and then three weeks of November. The last week of November is Thanksgiving Break. Once we return from Thanksgiving, it will be time to prepare for and take final exams.

There is still plenty of time to bring up grades, but students do need to get in a good habit of submitting work daily. Following the course schedule will help many students raise their averages even more.