Art Shell

by Jacob

Art Shells accomplishments

He was selected to the pro bowl a total of eight times.The first African american to be a head coach for a NFL team.A part of two super bowl championship teams.In 1998 shell was honored for his career achievements by being elected to the football hall of fame. That is a lot of football stuff for him to go though.

Art shells important life experiences

When Al Davis said we need a Raider for head coach.When he came to the Raiders from the University of Maryland eastern shore.Winning the super bowl with the Raiders.I never knew that he did that much.
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Characters Traits


Art shell is proud for three reasons coming up next.1 reason he was proud when he became the first African American to be head coach of A NFL team.Number 2 when he won the super bowl with 2 different teams.3,when he became coach. That once in a life time chance.


He sure is a hard worker I will show you the reasons.1,He had to help the Raiders in the Super Bowl under presser.2,He worked hard to be the first African american to be head coach of a NFL team.3,He worked hard when he won the super bowl with two different teams.


Here is some reason come and get them while their hot. 1.He was when he played in the super bowl. 2. He played for collage for 2 years he must know a lot about football. 3.He played a total of 4 years.Must be a pro at football


Questions for Art Shell

How did you feel when you became head coach ? Well it felt awesome to be head coach it takes a lot of work.How did you feel when you got fired from the raiders ? It felt like I lost everything i worked many teams did you go though? 3. That all I have for you thank you.