Shipping Off To Basic

And a Few Upcoming Adventures

Basic Training

This September 1st I turn 21! This also is the day that I will be shipping off to Basic Training. This is an exciting adventure that I have been preparing for since April (when I enlisted in the army), and I feel that I am ready for it. It's going to be tough, but I believe it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Basic Training will be last nine weeks and during that time I will have access to a phone two or three times, and will not be able to talk long. Don't worry, though, you can dust off those old envelopes, crack out your favorite pen, and send me a letter! I am a huge fan of letters so I would love to receive a letter from you! If you want to know more in-detail what Basic Training is like, please write me a letter and I will update you with how things are going and what things are like.

"Adventure is worthwhile in itself." -Amelia Earhart

Advanced Individual Training (AIT)

AIT will be directly after Basic Training (BCT) and will last around 7 weeks. This will be where I am trained in for a "job" or in Army terms, an MOS. This will keep me busy until right before Christmas. By this time I will be a full-blown soldier. I have heard so many stories from fellow soldiers who have made it through BCT and AIT say it changes your life in great ways. I think it will instill discipline, leadership, and productivity. I am very excited to embark on these journeys.

But Wait! There's More! - ROTC

As if things couldn't be more exciting, there is more! After BCT and AIT I will return to school in Arkansas. my military career will take a very exciting turn whilst in college; I will begin my journey to becoming an officer in the Army. This is a great honor and it comes with a great deal of responsibility, but it also comes with some amazing opportunities. During my final 5 semesters of my bachelor's degree in English, I will be taking classes, working hand-in-hand with current officers, and training physically to become an officer. This is an amazing opportunity to further my personal development and my career in the Army while furthering my professional career. I will be getting my bachelor's in English, with plans of getting my master's in teaching, which will allow me to become a high school English teacher for a little while. The great thing is that the Army will be footing the bill for my tuition for my entire bachelor's degree, and there are amazing financial assistance opportunities for my graduate studies, also.
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