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Background information for the Movement Meditation in Egypt

Information about Ka

Meaning of Ka:

1. An aspect of the individual, believed to live within the body during life and to survive it after death

2. In ancient Egyptian religion a principal aspect of the soul of a human being or of a god. The usual translation, “double,” is seen in hieroglyph in the uplifted arms.

3. Ka has been variously translated as soul, life-force, will etc. but no single western concept is anything like it. Being written kA like the word for 'bull', a symbol of potency, the closest to it in English may be a 'life-creating force'.

The human as an energy system

The physical body is permeated with with an energy field that is called “Ka”. Also known as the Prana body. The yogi's discovered that prana is the essential lifeforce in oxygen, but it is more than only oxygen.

Ka is the source of the lifeforce that is flowing in the physical body. The Ka is also called the spiritual or etheric double, because it is a kopy of the physical body and its energyfields, but it is a more subtle state of energy. In Egyptian alchemy the Ka is the energetic double that survives temporarily the physical body when it is dead. But it is not the immortal soul.

The body is a bipolar magnetic field

The channel that is in the central line of the body is called the central channel, the middle colomn, the prana channel/tube or the antahkarana.

It is is a central conductor of a electromagnetic field that is the base of life.

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Simple Movement Meditation

The movement meditation that I want to offer to you in Egypt is to reinforce the flow of prana, strengthen our Ka. Being able to work voluntarily with these energies is part of our masteryprocess.