Greek and Roman cutlure



We owe a great deal of credit to the Greeks and Romans for creating tragic plays that gave us the idea of movies like the titanic.. In The Titanic the "Greatest ship ever built" sank in the Atlantic ocean and killed about 2,000 people which made it a tragedy. In the Greek and Roman play Oedipus Rex the servant got Oedipus from his mother because he is a killer. His is the murder of his own father and he is the husband of his mother

Oedipus: did she give him to you?

Servant: yes, my lord

Oedipus: why?

Servant: so i could kill him.

Oedipus: the wretched woman who bore him?

Servant: She was afraid of the evil prophecy.

Oedipus: What prophecy?

Servent: That child whold kill his own father.


The Portrait Of Antonius Pius

Venus De Milo

Oedipus Rex