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Staff and faculty members of Jackson Road Elementary School enjoyed a sweet breakfast treat Friday, April 1st! Thanks to the hard work of their principal, Karen Oot, they received FREE donuts courtesy of the Instructional Technology Department. Mrs. Oot was the first principal to complete the Google Ninja Academy challenge that was recently issued. She completed all four Ninja Belts to become the first principal this school year to become a Google Ninja Master! Congratulations to Mrs. Oot!

Stay tuned! There may be more challenges issued soon...

Do YOU Have What It Takes to be a Google Ninja?

Several across our district have taken the challenge of becoming a Google Master! These people have earned all four Google Ninja Belts:

Josh Griffis

Patricia Parcells

(Pictures coming soon!)

Go to classroom. google.com to join the Google Classroom. Once you access the class, you will see a plus (+) sign in the upper right hand corner. Click the sign and choose to join a class. The class code for the Ninja Academy is ctbid6.

Once you enter the code, you will be enrolled in the class. You will NOT have to type in the code again. You will notice that there is a test and video tutorials for each belt. The videos are there to help familiarize you with the particular app. Once you are ready to take the test, just click on the link for the Google Form and take the test. There is also a link to the leaderboard. Just like last year, you can take the tests as many times as need be.

If you have difficulty accessing Google Classroom, please email Lonny Harper.

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Beaverbrook is still in the lead for the elementary schools! Cowan Middle has the lead for the middle schools, and Griffin High is in the lead for the high schools!

Who's going to take the lead this week??

To see the complete list of Google Ninjas, please click on the following link: https://goo.gl/epIvPK


QR Treasure Hunt Generator

Looking for a way to get your students engaged and actively involved with your lesson? The QR Treasure Hunt Generator may be just the activity you are looking for! Using the easy to format website, teachers can add questions and answers, generate corresponding QR Codes, selectively place the QR Codes around the classroom or school, and then watch as your students actively search to get answers to the questions.
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Mentimeter - Real Time Voting During Presentations

Mentimeter is an online voting/polling application that allows users to insert questions into presentations and get real time feedback from participants! Users can create interactive presentations which will include the questions and then receive feedback instantaneously. There is a free account which will allow users to insert two questions into the presentation. Mentimeter also has educator pricing. Visit the website for more detailed information.


How Are You Using Technology?

If you are being innovative in your use of technology in your classroom, school, or department, please share!

There are lots of good things going on in our district, and we want to spotlight those lessons, moments, and successes.

Please take a moment to complete this very short form. If you have pictures or a video, please send us that as well.

You are doing good work! Why not share it with the entire district?


Google Ninja FAQ's

Access the Google Ninja FAQ's HERE!

Audio Enhancement/Safari Montage FAQs

Access the Audio Enhancement/Safari Montage FAQs here.