Office 365 Migration Guide

A Professional Way to Migrate Office 365 Mailbox

Office 365 Mailboxes Migration Guide

Present time more and more organizations decide to migrate their business to Office 365. And as the businesses control in the cloud, co-operations more regularly look for the steps for Office 365 mailboxes migration, moreover surrounded or between Office 365 organizations. The same as part of the Office 365 procedure, you can migrate the user mailboxes from a source email system to Office 365. I this article we are going to guide you to do this all at one time possible.

Why Migrate Office 365 Mailboxes?

  • A dangerous situation where you require data for Legal / Audit rationale
  • An Office 365 admin account got hacked by an unspecified individual or group
  • Not responding only on Microsoft to control your data
  • Want to remain Mails & files for the longer period
  • Data Loss due to fortuitously deleting Office 365 account items
  • Permanently delete an Office 365 user or Ex-user account.
  • Cloud Ransomware harass result in encryption of business data.

When it comes time to mailboxes migration, you have quite a few options to consider. In this article, we’ll break down the special Office 365 migration natures to help you decide which method is best for your users.

Simple Office 365 Migration Steps

These migration steps are dependent on the migration method as well as causes such as current necessary, infrastructure, integration, number of users & more.

  • Conduct an Environmental Analysis
  • Available Environments and Tools
  • Have an apparent Vision of Your Migration ambitions
  • Always Ask for Assistance
  • Have a concrete preparation and a Backup Strategy.

Technical sections to Consider

In this office 365 mailboxes migration guide article, we will endorse help you to appreciate the special consideration for technological interfaces during the migration process.

  • Your Azure Active Directory and Active Directory determine the health

This means that you should decommission or stipulate new and old users likewise. It’s also a wonderful time to handle any prospective threat or helplessness to avoid risks later on.

  • Make sure that your exchange server is in brilliant condition

Apparent all the configuration concerns, sub-performance, or corrupt files before going to the migration. Any error could impede or slow down the move into the cloud.

  • Believe those customizations that might not be maintained in the cloud

Go through satisfied and rights structures in SharePoint to see if there are any modifications in architectures or files which require refinement before migration.

  • Type of hardware is rooted in the exchange manner

A good illustration here includes scanners, email archiving systems, and other multi-function systems that facilitate the sharing of files from one member to another.

  • Analyze your firewalls to ensure they fit your office 365 use

Now, for organizations with numerous offices and isolated networks, there will forever be new rules relating to how such structures are compact with.

  • Verify the type of legacy tools that will be decommissioned

If you are Microsoft licensure or any type of its related, cancel all of them. In doing so, you avert your business from making redundant payments.

Another important technique we would like to point out in this Office 365 mailboxes migration guide is the conformity factor. There are definite rules of observance you should follow depending on the type of business you’re running. Such matter relating we have a server solution known as Shoviv Exchange MIgration.

Professional guide - Shoviv Exchange Migration

Shoviv Exchange Migration is an emerged solution for migrating Exchange Server & Office 365 mailboxes into other Live Exchange Server, Office 365 with proficiency. And it also comes to recovery of damaged and corrupted files .pst, .edb, and .ost files and to export .edb, .ost & .pst files into Office 365, Live Exchange, and Outlook Profile Mailboxes & PST Files proficiently. After recovery, it offers saving these items in MSG, RTF & HTML, and EML file formats. As well, users can migrate Office 365 mailboxes and Exchange Server into other Office 365 and Live Exchange Server with expertise. This tool offers a multi-tasking perfect solution for the Exchange related concern.

Shoviv Exchange Server laced various user-centric features:

  • Export Office 365 mailboxes, Live Exchange, and vice-versa.
  • Imports OST Files into PST files, Office 365 mailboxes, and Live Exchange mailboxes.
  • Complete recovery of EDB, PST, and OST file formats.
  • Import PST Files into Live Exchange Mailboxes and office 365 mailboxes.
  • Imports EDB Mailboxes to PST files, Office 365 mailboxes, and Live Exchange mailboxes.
  • Also Incremental Export>Backup>Restore in PST files.
  • Item Preview and Mailbox Mapping option accessible.
  • Filter Items one time of Export & Save before the operation.

Final Words:

With this article, you like better guidance by using professional tools i.e. Shoviv Exchange MIgration is a prominent one. To check the functioning of the software, a Worth demo version is also available that allows users to perform the first 50 items per folder and its competence job as well as advanced version.


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