Colonies PBL- Connecticut

By- Blake Mooney

Year Founded

The Connecticut colony was founded in the year 1788 by a group of puritans.

Who Founded Connecticut

Connecticut was founded by Thomas Hooker and a group of puritans trying to clean up their religion.

What are the Reasons that Connecticut was found

The reason that Connecticut was found is because Thomas Hooker and his group of Puritans were trying to find land. Also this group was trying to "clean up" or purify their religion.

Economic Resources

In the Connecticut colony the economic resources are their rum and their ships. They create the rum and then transport it by ship to get a lot of money

Climate and Geography

Colonists in the New England colonies endured bitterly cold winters and mild summers. Land was flat close to the coastline but became hilly and mountainous farther inland. Soil was generally rocky, making farming difficult. Cold winter reduced the spread of disease. Connecticut was a colony of New England.