Auburn University

Auburn, AL


------------------AR ----ER/IR

Yo-------------- e---------a

Tu -------------es--------as

El/Ella--------- e --------a

Nosotros-- emos-- amos

Ellos/Ellas--- en ------an

What you need to be a Tiger

The population here at Auburn is about 26,00. The average amount of freshman we accept is $4,592. Some of our Alumni are Tim Cook, Bo Jackson, Jimmy Wales, Charles Barkely, Octavia Spencer, and Chuck Person. The tuition is between $29,164- $46,348. A dorm is about $6,364. Our mascot is a Tiger. You need a score on a 1090- 1350 on your SAT. A 24-30 on your ACT and a GPA of 3.74. Our acceptance rate is 82.7%.We offer classes in the fields of architecture, business, education, engineering, forestry and wildlife sciences, human sciences, liberal arts, nursing, sciences and mathematics, and interdisciplinary studies.
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Scholarships Available

We offer National Scholarships, Freshman Scholarships, Transfer Scholarships, Alumni Scholarships, Board o Trustees Scholarships, Departmental Scholarships, Diversity Scholarships, General Scholarships, Honors Scholarships, ROTC scholarships, Veteran Scholarships, Athletic Scholarships, and External Scholarships.