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ISSUE 3 - January 22, 2016

Welcome to the Seekonk High School Newsletter! It is designed to keep everyone (parents, students, staff, and community members) informed of the many events that are happening around the school. It contains links, pictures, and videos so that you have a more interactive experience and the ability to learn more (if you wish) about various topics.

As always, we welcome feedback! Let us know what you think by contacting us and sharing our news!

SHS Core Values

Seekonk High School is committed to creating a safe, supportive environment where our students can develop the skills necessary to become independent thinkers and problem solvers capable of addressing the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. The staff, students, family, and community members will collaborate to create an atmosphere of compassion, appreciation of diversity, and mutual respect. We will provide stimulating academic and extracurricular programs that are relevant and engaging so we can meet the needs of all learners.

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Athletic Registration for the 2016 Spring Sports Season begins on Monday, 2/1/16 and ends on Sunday, 3/13/16. Physicals scheduled through the School's Nurse, will be on Monday, 2/14/16. It is extremely important that if an athlete suspects that their Sports Physical Exam is going to expire "prior to" or "during" the Spring Sports Season, they should contact Mrs. Rok, to schedule a Sports Physical Exam on that day.

The Winter Ball will be held on Saturday, February 6th, at the Venus de Milo from 6:30pm to 10pm.

New Lap Swim Schedule for February.

Please contact Ms. Megan Giammarco if you have any questions.

Monday 2/8 9am-10:30am

Wednesday 2/10 9am-10:30am

Wednesday 2/17 9am-10:30am

Friday 2/19 9am-10:30am

Tuesday 2/23 9:30am-11am

Thursday 2/25 10am-11:30am

Opportunities Fair

Graduating Seniors are invited to attend this program facilitated by the School to Career Partnership on February 25th. The Opportunities Fair is designed to allow graduating seniors who are not planning to attend a four year college to explore the options available for military, vocational training programs, volunteer opportunities, or entering the workforce. Students interested in attending may see their guidance counselor or Ms. Louro. Transportation to and from the event will be provided by the school.

Some of the participating organizations are: Electric Boat, Bay State College, Lincoln Tech Institute, MTTI, New England Institute of Technology, IBEW 223 Local 51 Plumbers, Pipefitters, Refridg., Mohawk Rubber, National Guard, U.S. Army, Bristol Community College, Community College of Rhode Island, Massasoit Community College, Navy, and Kaiser University.

Senior Trip will take place May 27th to the 28th. Students will be traveling to Six Flags Great Escape and staying at the Great Escape Lodge in Lake George, NY. Cost is $200 per student. Seniors were provided with informational packets as well as required forms on Tuesday, January 12th during all lunches. Be sure to complete:

1st deposits and these required forms are due by January 29th. Please contact Mrs. Capizzo or Ms. Kozlowski, class advisors, with any questions.

Notary Services are available for residency documents at every school in the district. If you are submitting residency paperwork, just bring it to the school and we will notarize it for you when it is submitted!

For Future Planning:

Thursday, May 5 - Honor Societies - Induction Ceremonies @ 6:30 PM

Saturday, May 14 – Prom at the Viking Hotel in Newport from 6:30-10:30 PM

Friday, May 27-Saturday, May 28 – Senior Trip to Six Flags and Lake George

Wednesday, June 1 - Senior Class Night @ 7 PM

Friday, June 3 - Graduation @ 6:30 PM

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Going the Extra Mile for Students and Staff

Seekonk High School had four teachers out last Friday and no substitutes to cover their classes. Gini Chianese and Trisha Prata in the main office reported that upon hearing this, Kristin Nelson stepped up to cover all the classes she could. This started a chain reaction that resulted in multiple teachers coming forward to cover as many classes as they could even though they already had full schedules. A special THANK YOU to Kristin Nelson, Jim Macknight, Jim Devlin, Greg Winsor, Jenn DeFusco, Bob Darran, and Kayla Nastari for willingly and happily helping out when there was great need!

SHS Students Selected for Emerging Young Artists 2016 Invitational Exhibition!

Congratulations go out to Ariya Sonethavy, Filipa Carvalho and Carly Sias who will each have their artwork displayed at the EYA 2016 Exhibition on January 25 and February 6, 2016! This is an honor due to the fact that the CVPA faculty wishes to showcase the work of the region’s emerging young artists in an effort to support the future of the arts in Massachusetts. This is another fine example of our incredibly talented art students making headlines!

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Setting Goals and Making Positive Improvements

Second Semester is Starting!

Students will be receiving grades in a little over another week. This is a perfect time to think about how to improve as a student. If the grades are good, push for better. If they are bad, focus on what mistakes were made and how to improve.

Remember, it isn't about being perfect. It's about being better than you were yesterday. I have written a blog entry titled Take the Small Steps that discusses the topic of goals and improving ourselves.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone (508-336-7272 ext. 124) if you have any questions. I also post information on my blog and tweet (@DrCSJones) as often as possible. Please feel free to follow both for tips and updates.

The school report card has been published

MCAS scores and what they mean for the high school have been published. Please be sure to read this cover letter and the overview of the school's report card. Much more detailed information may be found at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's website.

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Guidance News - Mrs. Whatley

Community Service- Health Care Opportunity!

It’s a new year and if you have been thinking about giving back and making a difference in your community, Pawtucket Memorial Hospital has several new volunteer positions for you. Could you dedicate an hour or two twice a week to sit with a patient during mealtime? Or, after a short training, would you like to offer a relaxing hand massage to an anxious or worried patient? We also need patient safety volunteers to visit designated patients to be sure that all fall prevention measures are in place. If these sound like something you would enjoy, please contact the Volunteer Department for more information through e-mail at, on line at or by calling 729-2325.

If you want to learn more about important dates, forms, and contact information; make sure you visit the Guidance Office Website!

Who We Are - Getting to Know Our Staff

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Various staff members are being asked to share 5 things about themselves in an effort to let everyone know about who makes up Seekonk High School's community. This week is:

Mr. Robert Censabella

  1. I was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1964 - the last year of the Baby Boomers. I came of age during the wonderful time period of the Carter Malaise, urban decay, stagflation, and a nation-wide crack epidemic which ravaged our cities. Fortunately, I was raised in a loving family, yet other than that, in looking back, there are no good old days.
  2. I went to PS 213 for kindergarten (yes, in New York City they numbered their public schools) and then St. Roberts in Bayside, Queens for the next eight years. I was a real pain in the neck with a chip on his shoulder. I think my teachers probably celebrated when I moved on after eighth grade. It was at this point, when I entered Thomas Edison Vocational and Technical High School in the not-so-nice neighborhood of Jamaica, Queens, that I discovered first-hand what it means to be scared straight. (To give you an idea of the neighborhood, the rapper 50 Cent, who was shot multiple times, went to high school across the street - albeit about a decade later.) To put it succinctly, it was a public high school starved for funds and mostly filled with borderline juvenile delinquents. For two years I mostly said nothing, tried not to make eye contact with my fellow classmates, excelled at my studies, and did my best to survive. Thankfully, my dad, a former Golden Gloves boxer, and a commitment to the weight room, helped me get by unscarred physically (yet not emotionally and psychologically). After high school I escaped from New York City and went to Ithaca College in the beautiful Finger Lake region of Upstate New York. After where I went to high school, I felt like I died and went to heaven. At Ithaca I had the good fortune of learning from some excellent and dedicated professors who helped ignite my love of history.
  3. Growing up I can honestly say my two passions were football and fishing. I credit these two hobbies, along with caring parents, from heading down the wrong pathway as an adolescent. My high school couldn’t afford a football team (surprise, surprise), so I played Pop Warner football in Flushing, Queens through my senior year in high school. This wasn’t uncommon in New York City. Every day during the fall I took a New York City bus to and from practice after school. This made for some very long days and uncomfortable rides home, especially when it rained. If you are unfamiliar with Flushing, at one time this was the most ethnically and racially diverse (according to US Census Bureau statistics) neighborhood in not only New York City, but also throughout the United States. I had the good fortune of playing with a great group of guys who were mostly hyphenated Americans like myself (my mom was born in northern Italy) who either themselves or their parents came from all over the world. Some were actually quite talented; one went on to be the starting center and team captain for Syracuse University. I can honestly say that it was at this time I learned the importance of team work and the value of persistence, as I spent many long days, and nights, trying to balance the demands of a sport while also maintaining a position on the honor society of my school. (Think of me as a slightly brighter bulb in a string of very dim lights.) During the offseason, my dad and I would head out to places on Long Island, like Fire Island, Port Washington, and Moriches Bay, in the hopes of catching blues, stripers, tautog, flounder, and fluke. Casting a line into the surf with my dad made for some of the best memories of my early life.
  4. I first started teaching at Archbishop Molloy High School in Jamaica, Queens. This was a great place to work, staffed by both lay faculty and Marist Brothers with a deep sense of pride and dedication to the school. The faculty at Molloy did a great job of balancing high academic standards with the demands of a challenging interscholastic sports program. One of my students, Kenny Anderson, actually went on to be a first-round pick and a successful player in the NBA. (If you actually have seen me play basketball, you know I had nothing to do with this.) Afterwards, I spent one year working at the Hallen School in Mamaroneck, New York. This was a place mostly for troubled students whose districts couldn’t handle them. I decided to take a break from teaching and went on to the University of Rhode Island where I received my MA in Marine Affairs. The emphasis of this program is on the political stewardship of marine resources. Think of it as an applied political science program with an emphasis on the marine environment. It is a highly recognized program with students from around the world. I next spent a couple of years working for the National Marine Fisheries Service in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. After crunching numbers and pushing papers I decided my true passion was education and started subbing at the Kevin Hurley Middle School (then only known as Seekonk Middle School) in 1993. In the fall of 1994 I became a full-time teacher. It was at the middle school that I had the opportunity of working with Peter Andreozzi and the late Kevin Hurley and Alan Thivierge, all wonderful people who graciously gave of their time to help a rookie teacher in Seekonk. In 2004 I was accepted for a position at the high school.
  5. Today, I am married to a wonderful wife, Theresa, and together we are doing our best to raise two adolescent girls, Alicia and Abby. Alicia is a skilled gymnast on her high school team and is actively involved in her school’s theater program. Abby has a passion for dance and a beautiful singing voice. During the summer our lives revolve around water. Whenever possible we are at the beach or on a boat cruising Narragansett Bay. One of our favorite places to go on vacation is Lake George in Upstate New York, where we mostly just hang out on the lake while also decompressing from our hectic schedules. Every year for one week I’ve been coming to this lake since I was a boy and I can honestly say its crystal clear waters surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains does wonders recharging my battery and gives me the energy for another demanding school year. At the lake, time seems to slow down and I don’t feel stressed taking a few minutes to enjoy the simpler things in life. A perfect day is hanging out with my family at the resort’s beach and barbecuing together in the evening.

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Warrior Cries!

Warrior cries are shout outs to staff and students here at Seekonk High School. They are our way of recognizing hard work, creative thinking, and characteristices that make us proud to be part of this community. Please contact Dr. Jones if you wish to give a "warrior cry" to someone!

Mrs. Maureen Powers...she is incredible at staying on top of the many forms and electronic documents we need to submit to support our grade 12 students' college applications. She also does a fabulous job of organizing the many scholarship opportunities available to students. - Mrs. Melissa Mello

Mr. Howard Lancaster...for always innovating. He continually tries new things to help his students be successful! - Mrs. Angela Cunard

Ms. Kristin Nelson and Mr. Fred Crippen...for the new Unified Sports track program they are starting at SHS! - Mrs. Michelle Salisbury

Mrs. Deanna Marinucci...for all of the awesome organizations that she runs! - Mrs. Michelle Salisbury

Mrs. Angela Cunard...for putting together what has to be the most difficult budget in the school so that students can have beneficial hands on lab experiences. - Mrs. Jen Borden

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Sports with Mr. Crippen

The Seekonk Athletic Department is proud to announce that Seekonk High School has been awarded a $3,000 dollar grant from Project Unify and Special Olympics of Massachusetts and will institute the school’s first Unified Sports offering this spring in Track and Field. Ms. Kristin Nelson will spearhead the program and is in the process of pairing students with the athletes in the spirit of total inclusion and of planning activities to promote this spirit. The Unified Sports team will have a practice and meet schedule, as well as a conference championship meet and has the larger goal of involving the entire Seekonk community in the spirit of respect and acceptance for all.

Congratulations to Coach Sean Smith and the Boys Junior Varsity team who have sprinted out to a 9 win and 3 loss record this season behind the outstanding discipline and team work displayed by Terry and Shane Smith, Devon Slaughter, Mitch Blanchard, J.J. Jackson and Dave Holden.

Coach Darren Daluz’s Girls Varsity Basketball team evened its record at 6 wins and 6 losses with a thrilling 38-33 victory this week over Norton High School and are trying to qualify for the Massachusetts State Tournament for the first time since 1996. Senior leadership supplied by Jenna Smith, Emma Sanders, Bethany Murphy and Carly Sias will be trying to end this twenty-year drought.

For a complete listing of upcoming contests be sure to check out the full Athletic Schedule
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Its the End of the Semester!

It is the end of the first semester and time for clear the decks by returning borrowed items to the SHS library. Parents, please encourage your student to return all materials. Students, please check your SHS e-mail or the list outside the library to see if you owe anything! Questions? Talk to Mrs. Larson!

Does Your Student Like To Read?

The next meeting of the SHS Book Club is Thursday, Feb. 11 right after school in the library! We’ll be talking about Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige. All students welcome! Talk to Mrs. Larson in the SHS Library.

If you want more indepth information about the Library; including contact information, research guides, and other offerings check out the SHS Library Website!

Free E-book and Audiobooks for SHS Students!

SHS students now have access to the Commonwealth eBook Collections by using their Seekonk High library usernames & log-ins. Students can access an exciting collection of new and popular fiction, non-fiction and audio books and access them through an app on their phone or personal device.

Visit the SHS Library homepage or click here to take it for a test drive today!

Students should log in using their SHS Library username/password. ​Need help? Stop into the library or send Mrs. Larson a e-mail!​

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Art News - Mrs. Machado-Cook

Seekonk High School has been invited by the College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth to participate in the Emerging Young Artists 2016 Invitational Exhibition!

The exhibition will be held between January 25 and February 6, 2016, in CVPA’s Campus Gallery at UMass Dartmouth. To support the future of the arts in Massachusetts, the CVPA faculty wishes to showcase the work of the region’s emerging young artists. Seekonk has been selected because of our program’s quality and its long-standing commitment to arts education.

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Music News - Mr. Smialek

There are still about 10 tickets left for the March 19th Boston Symphony Orchestra concert at Symphony Hall in Boston. The price, including bus fee is $47. The remaining tickets are available to students and parents on a first come, first serve basis. Student permission slips are available in the Band Room for anyone who needs one. The concert is at 8 pm, we would plan to leave around 5:30. Checks should be made payable to SMPA. Contact Mr. Smialek ASAP next week to purchase a ticket.

We also have SHS Marching Band T-shirts available in all sizes for $17. See Mr. Smialek in the Band Office if you wish to purchase one (or two).

Information about the Band's May 13, 2016 trip to the Great East Band Festival and Six Flags New England was sent home with students at the end of last week. Parents should take a look at this information soon as the first payment for the trip and permission slips are due by February 9th. All checks and permission slips should be returned to Mr. Smialek.

Jazz Band will rehearse this Monday, Jan. 25th from 6-8 pm as usual. Tickets for the 2016 Jazz Dinner will go on sale next week. This event will be on Thursday, February 25th from6:30- 8 pm in the SHS Cafeteria. Tickets will be $15.

Contact Information

We strive to keep communication open and ongoing. You may contact us through any of the following ways. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.