Counselor Connection

Vol. 2 (2015-2016)

What's going on at Oakes Elementary School?

Mr. Paulus has visited each class K-6 the past 2 weeks and had the WONDERFUL opportunity to spend time with your child. Mr. Paulus introduced himself, told the students about himself, learned about the students, and told all the students what he does as a School Counselor. If your child is K-3, ask about Mr. Potato Head. If your child is 4-6, ask about the amazing game of Jenga we played.

Nurtured Heart Approach

Mr. Paulus had the wonderful opportunity to attend Nurtured Heart Approach training in Atlantic City, NJ, with Mrs. Sell. Here are some quick tips for positive interactions for positive behaviors that go beyond "thank you" and "good job." This helps build inner wealth in children.

  • I appreciate (behavior)...and that is evidence that you are (quality).
  • I see that (behavior)...and that tells me that you are (quality).
  • I just saw you being (quality)...when you (behavior).
  • I noticed that you (behavior)...and that tells me you are (quality).

Introduction to The 3 Stands™

What is Leadership Club?

Leadership Club (student council) is a wonderful opportunity for students to be leaders in the school. SERVICE with PRIDE, LEAD with CONFIDENCE, and INSPIRE to IMPACT lives, is what 1 boy and 1 girl from each class (3-6) will each aspire to do throughout the school year. Mr. Paulus has some BIG plans for Leadership Club, stay tuned!

A note from Mr. Paulus...

I want to try to eliminate using so much paper for Counselor Connections so I felt like this was a better way. Look for a new Counselor Connection every other week and maybe even once a week! Remember it is all about perspective. I woke up feeling TIRED, or add "ins" with a little loop and you have...I woke up feeling INSPIRED! Please follow me by adding your e-mail, that way I can send you every new volume right away. This is also a way that you can contact me.

Have a wonderful day!

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