Mrs. Bennett's First Grade Class

November 15, 2013


We will be continuing our unit on addition/subtraction to 20. Our learning target of: I can add and subtract to 20. We will be working on addition and subtraction facts to 20. An easy way to practice is to occasionally call out a math fact for them to solve. You can do this during dinner, in the car, during commercials, etc.

We are also working on our fluency to 10 of addition and subtraction. A page came home in your child's homework folder so you can help with this goal at home.

I do have some websites to help your child practice adding and subtracting.


We will be writing a personal narrative about something that has happened in their life.

Have fun talking with your child about a small moment that has happened in their life. (Not big moments like vacations.) For example: going to the park, falling off their bike, etc.

We are also learning about adjectives.

Also, feel free to visit my website and go to the writing tab. There are some fun games in green.


Spelling begins this week. The words will come home every Monday with a note on the back to help you understand how to study the words at home. We are learning to spell the sounds in a word, not just memorize how to spell it.

Please help your child study for the test. We will pretest the words we are studying on Wednesday. On Friday, I will pick 4 words from our list and 2 words that are not on the list, but follow the spelling pattern for the week. There are also two sentences for your child to practice writing.

Spelling pattern: words with an -o, e, and -u (short o, short e, and short u) sounds

Spelling words: not, men, help, must, back, duck, are, was

Sentences: The duck was big and wet. Are the men back in the hut?

Sight Words

Please help your child read their sight words. They cannot sound out the words. They have 2 1/2 minutes to read all 50 words.

Reading Skills

We are working on distinguishing between fiction and non-fiction texts.

Reading / Phonics

You can really help by going over Vowel Town with them. (This is in their Goal Notebook). Point to different places on it and have your child say the sound and then do the same thing, but have them spell the sound.

Social Studies

Learning target: I can compare the likes and differences among people. We are learning about how people have the same social, emotional, and physical needs. We will also be learning about other countries/cultures in this unit.

We have started a moon observation book. Each night it will come home with a different student (this will take all month to complete). Please complete the activity inside the folder and have your child record their observation of the moon when the folder comes home on your night. Please return it the next day. If you do not return it, that will effect the next child from taking the folder home. Thanks for helping us make a book about the moon!


  • We go to the library on Thursday mornings. Please leave your child's library books in their backpack so they can trade every week.
  • No school Friday, November 15.
  • November 20 is an Early Release Day. School will dismiss at 1:15.
  • No School, November 27-29 for Thanksgiving Break.


Monday - Art

Tuesday - Music

Wednesday - PE

Thursday - PE

Friday - Art