Face Forward Organization

Deborah Alessi

You Should Step Ahead towards Face-forward Agency to Violate Domestic Matters

Every day, when you tune into different news channels, you can see news of brutal domestic violence aired into your small screen. There is no particular time or place of such heinous acts, but whenever it happens, it leaves a horrifying impact so the victims can hardly go back to their normal life. There are many people across the globe that is abused on a regular basis. Domestic violence may take place in various forms like rape, molestation, hitting, slapping, throwing objects, stalking, etc. Some of which leaves a wretched impact on the victim, while some result into death. It is also seen that there are many people who prefer to remain mute over inviting treatment to their safety.

Don’t you think it’s always better to have some organizations who can take responsibility to curb such terrible instances and are ready to facilitate victims with physical and emotional reconstruction for women?

Face Forward is one such name that aims to provide a shelter of emotional as well as physical reform for men, women, and children who have been victims of domestic violence. And one name without whom the tale of Face Forward remains incomplete is Deborah Alessi. Her story makes you feel the pain when she was beaten and viciously thrown down the stairs. Today, her strength of mind and initiatives against such brutal acts has brought back the smiles on faces of many people. With a mission to safeguard against such domestic aggression, Deborah Alessi has formed the Face Forward organization. It has been noticed that, due to brutal attacks,most of the people need facial surgery or plastic surgery on their faces. In many cases, victims require multiple surgical operations to restore their damages. These physical scars often make them step back assuming a huge amount of spending. Face Forward comes with all such assistance for these victims who can undergo their surgery and other treatments at a reasonable amount. Being a non-profit organization, Face Forward always vows to assist those victims who are unable to bear their fees.

When Deborah Alessi elucidates her awful past, she reminds thatthe impact of domestic violence leaves a long lasting impact in a victim’s life. You will find several instances where expectant women are beaten badly. Therefore, keeping all such negative consequences in mind, this organization has forwarded its helping hands towards all those victims who have suffered due to domestic violence.

Deborah Alessi is Co-Founder of Face Forward and a social activist too who take a deep care of the victims of violent and disfiguring crimes. She runs an organization who is serving those victims. Do keep in touch with her on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.