And you think your life is hard?

The Life of Adeline Yen Mah

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This week on "AND YOU THINK YOUR LIFE IS HARD?", we are going to be talking about Adeline Yen Mah's life. We all go through adversities, and hopefully persevere through them. After you hear this wonderful woman's story you will have the time to reflect on your own adversities, and be inspired to be something more. Her book Chinese Cinderella, or autobiography Falling Leaves will be available at your local bookstore.

The Growing and Flourishing Adeline

When Adeline was born, it wasn't necessarily a blessing. At least not in her family's eyes. Her mother passed away giving birth to her. It was a great loss, and it caused her family to hate her. As Adeline grew, she was bullied by her family. This made her stronger but didn't necessarily boost her self esteem. When she started doing good in school, she started making friends and soon became really popular. Everyone wanted to be like her, or the person she showed her classmates she was. She acted like her life at home was perfect, although it wasn't. Behind closed doors, she was unimportant to everyone in her family especially her step-mother, Niang, who would always exclude her from everything. Her house was basically using a caste system. Niang's children were favored and the five others were treated poorly.
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Adeline and Cinderella are basically the same person. They both have a mean stepmother even if they don't have the same dad situation. They both have mean step siblings, but Adeline has 4 other siblings and Cinderella is an only child. They are both treated like trash, and are given clothing to show that too. They don't have the best clothes. In conclusion I realized what they have in common is that they are basically treated very poorly and they have a mean stepmother.
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-Chinese Cinderella by: Adeline Yen Mah