Internet Safety/Cyberbullying

Being safe on the internet can save your life/someone else's

Don't be a cyberbully.

With so many bully's online or in your school It's hard to stay out of things. Some people want to help the person in need and some people want to show how they support the bully. Something said generally means a lot more coming from a number of people than coming from just one person. A number of people constantly bullying and getting involved is going to cause more damage quicker than just one person bullying and being involved.

How to avoid being a cyberbully or getting involved with cyberbullies.

The best way to not be defined as a Cyberbully is to simply not get involved with the bully. If you want to help someone,

-Speak to the victim privately.

-Report it to a teacher or adult.

-Stand with and support the victim against the bully in a settle way.

How to be safe and make good choices on the internet.

How to Help

If someone does not want to report the bullying, speak to a trusted adult or friend and ask for advice. If you see a friend or family member with the warning signs of depression due to cyber-bullying tell a counselor or family member or trusted friend.


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