Celebrities with mental disorders

and how they dealt with it

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was an author. He suffered depression and manic depression. He also ha insomnia to deal with it he took nightly walks in London. People had also thought that his depression was caused by him having an affair and wanting to divorce his wife. He had written a lot. The nightly walks he would take seemed to help with his depression and with his insomnia

Ludwig Van Beethoven

He was a classical music composer. His birth date was unknown. He had suffered with bipolar disorder. Wrote many letters and hoping this would help him overcome the disorder. People think a cause might have been that he had severe fevers and headaches. Another cause may have been that he was that he became deaf at an early age. Wanted to commit suicide and that was a sign of having bipolar disorder.

Sheryl Crow

She had suffered from depression. To help with this she would exercise a lot. She took antidepressants and also went to therapy. She learned how to say no and stop putting everybody else before herself.

Roseanne Barr

She suffered from multiple personality disorder. She believed that she had seven personalities. She had blackouts as a kid. She finally learned how to get herself together by mentally thinking about it.