The Netherlands. By Andrew Torcisi

Interesting facts and history about The Netherlands

Tourism in the Netherlands

If you are in the Netherlands for tourism, there is luckily a lot of major cites with lots of things to do. Some things to do in Amsterdam is to take a river cruise through the canals, or to take a bike tour, or go see the National monument. In Rotterdam, there is many different types of museums and arthouses.
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Facts about the Netherlands

Interesting facts about the Netherlands

1)The Netherlands has more than 4000km of navigable canals.

2)Rotterdam is the 2nd largest port in the world.

3) 2/3 of the Netherlands is on or below sea level making it vulnerable to flooding.

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Joining of the EU and government type.

The Netherlands was a founding member of the EU, joining in 1958. They have remained a member ever since. The government type in the Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy. The Prime Minister of the Netherlands is Mark Rutte. He has been Prime minister since 14, October 2010.

Currency type

The current currency used in the Netherlands is the Euro. Up until 2002 they used Dutch Guild. After 2002 they switched to the Euro.
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Major cites

Some major cites besides the capital Amsterdam is Rotterdam, The Hauge, Maastricht, Eindhoven and many others. Each have their own things to do.