Kudos, News, and Monthly Recap

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It's EXTRAORDINARY TUESDAY!!! Jessica Dilullo Herrin's book launches today - our sign up special is extended - and CBS loves us again! So what do you do with all of that extraordinary momentum? Take extraordinary action!

Why not call 3 friends today - just do it! And say:
"You may or may not have wondered if being a Stylist would be right for you – check out this clip about the company - our founder & CEO's booked just launched today too! You’ll see why what we do here is not only a powerful business, it’s a mission and a movement! Given all the press, the company has extended this truly extraordinary sign-up special! There are only a few days left to sign up and get $450 in free product right away – plus the chance to earn ANOTHER $300 in product back in your first month. I know you’ve got what it takes and I’ll be there to help you every step of the way. I’ll give you a call later to chat!”

Goodbye Fear!
Hello Extraordinary!
Who will you share with today - such a perfect opportunity to reach out and share the ‪#‎helloextraordinary‬ movement and your personal passion!

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Congratulations to our Active Stylists in April!

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Congratulations to all our active stylists this month whether you sold one necklace or 100! You are working your flexible business your way!

Congrats to all our brand new stylists who launched strong this month as well!

1 Joelly Belman 11292.63

2 Rene Kauder 5082.45

3 Susie Pomponi 2631.17

4 Crista Oehler 2327.92

5 Kathleen Breitenbach 1954.3

6 Allison Gorby 1952*

7 Candice Schoolman 1809.29

8 Anne Hauer 1540.92*

9 Jennifer Judge 1321.09

10 Sherry Gowarty 1262.03

11 Sarah Gaumond 1107

12 Erica Hassen 989.4

13 Pamela Wimmer 903.9

14 Heather Connors 809.78

15 Sheila Markowitz 795

16 Precious Crabtree 778.67

17 Sarah Obenour 692.98

18 Bethany Devilbiss 644.6

19 Gillian Powell 639.2

20 Christina Landsman 627.18

21 Mary Gies 570.08

22 Carrie Hayden 250

23 Ashley Green 236

24 Ria Tan 225

25 Taylor Scott 214*

26 Beth Van Gelder 187

27 Deanne Kasim 157.4

28 Jessica Johnson 127

29 Caitlin Akhtar 120.8

30 Juli Lausch 112

31 Sara Muehleisen 109.4

32 Karen Qi 106.16

33 Michele Panczyszyn 93.2

34 Angela Jones Hackley 49.29

35 Krissy Leckie 29

36 Stephanie Henlen 28.92

37 May Garcia 24.77

38 Thomas Jamroz 24

39 Wendy Kohlrus 11.4

40 Debbie Mathis 8.97

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Welcome To All Our New Stylists!

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The More You Sell the More You Earn!

Our Hello Extraordinary Earners!

This April, say Hello to Extraordinary!

In support of the Find Your Extraordinary movement, we’ve created this Hello Extraordinary bracelet exclusively for Stella & Dot Independent Stylists – and it could be yours with just 500 PQV! Join the movement, Find YOUR Extraordinary and wear your bracelet to spread the impact! ‪#‎HelloExtraordinary‬

EARN IT: Sell 500 PQV between April 1st – April 30th, 2016.
REWARD: Hello Extraordinary bracelet.


Joelly Belman

Rene Kauder

Susie Pomponi

Crista Oehler

Kathleen Breitenbach

Allison Gorby

Candice Schoolman

Anne Hauer

Jennifer Judge

Sherry Gowarty

Sarah Gaumond

Erica Hassen

Pamela Wimmer

Heather Connors

Sheila Markowitz

Precious Crabtree

Sarah Obenour

Bethany Devilbiss

Gillian Powell

Christina Landsman

Mary Gies


StyleFix Changes Start NOW!


STYLEfix allows you to maximize your Stylist benefits each season with a $200, $500 or $1000 STYLEfix Pass to use during sampling! Every three months, you’ll have the chance to earn hundreds in free product in addition to your 50% Stylist discount!

The earning requirements for the Fall 2016 STYLEfix Pass have changed and are listed below.

These changes are always made with you in mind and what is best (and in most cases easier to achieve to keep your profits in your pocket) for your business! Consistency is key - make it your goal to qualify with at least $500 in sales each month of the quarter to earn your Shopping Spree!

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Dottie for iPhone is Here!

Did you see that the Dottie app for iPhone was just released! This is a game changer! 85% of stylists have an iPhone and now, selling on the go became SO much easier - download it today! Use this link to watch a video on how to use it (must be signed in to your Lounge) https://stellaverse.stelladot.com/videos/1410.
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Register now for Hoopla in July!

What does registration include?
  • General sessions, design presentation and training workshops
  • Entrance to the dance party
  • $200 in free product from the Fall 2016 line
  • Hoopla charm (must be present through the end of session on July 24th to receive)
  • Stella & Dot pool party

What can you expect this year at Hoopla?

  • Go behind the design and be the first to see the new line with your COO, Blythe Harris

  • Business boosting training; just right for your goals - Register now to get your preferred workshop!

  • Find your extraordinary with your CEO and founder, Jessica Herrin

  • Build your belief level with Danielle Redner!

  • Network with your Stella & Dot community
  • Dance Party!

  • Celebrate your success with your Stella & Dot family. Be recognized in front of your leaders and peers.

  • Sunday Funday! Head to the Stella & Dot Pool Party.

  • Hoopla charm for every attendee

Rene Kauder, Director, Coach and Mentor

Luxurious, affordable boutique-style accessories and home-based entrepreneurial opportunities for women. Stella & Dot is a company inspired by and created for strong women - just like you.

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