School Closing Updates - Graduation

May 15, 2020

8th Grade Graduation

Graduation is scheduled for Saturday, May 30th beginning with a 10:00 am procession at Komarek School leading to Veteran's Park for our ceremony. We hope that the information below answers your questions about our unique commencement. Do not hesitate to reach out to the administration if you have any additional questions!

*Please note, the health requirements expected for the procession and commencement are from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).


What does the procession look like?

The procession will start at Komarek School with the North Riverside Police Department assisting families in lining up their cars. Lineup will begin at 10:00 am. We encourage families to decorate their vehicle with banners, balloons, and signs to show Komarek spirit. Click on the map below for the procession route and guidelines.

What if we do not have a vehicle for the procession and the commencement?

Contact the administration if you do not have a vehicle available. We will ensure that you and your family are still able to participate within the programming.


How should the graduate dress?

Graduation gowns were sent back earlier this month due to the State's first inclination of not having any in-person graduations. For that reason, students will only have their tassel, cap, and cord(s). We ask that students wear these pieces along with formal attire. No jeans or gym shoes should be worn to the ceremony.

How does parking work for graduation?

During the week of May 26th, a placard with the graduate's name and assigned parking spot will be available for pickup with his/her belongings. This placard must be placed on the rearview mirror for entry to the procession as well as commencement. Placards must stay on the rearview mirror for the length of the programming, and families must park in the assigned spot. Each graduate will be allowed one vehicle for commencement, due to the limited amount of parking at Veterans Park. The event, however, will be streamed live for extended family and friends to view.

*A map with parking assignments will be coming out soon.

Can family get out of their cars?

Unfortunately, families cannot get out of their cars during this time. The only time a graduate can get out of the car is when their name is called to go to the stage. NOTE: The washrooms at Veterans Park will not be open.

Does the graduate have to wear a mask while walking to the stage?

Graduates must wear their mask while walking to the stage. There will be an opportunity after the graduate receives their diploma cover to take a professional photo. For the photo, the graduate can take off their mask but must put it back on immediately afterwards.

Is there professional photography at commencement?

ClubPhotoBooth will be offering professional photos after each graduate receives their diploma cover. The 4 x 6 photo will be immediately available for the graduate to take back to their car. ClubPhotoBooth will also be creating a photo montage of the commencement. The montage will be available after the programming. Additional copies of the photo can be purchased on a password-protective page as well.

A gift from the PTA!

Big picture
The PTA has created amazing yard signs for all of our 8th grade graduates! If you have not picked up a sign for your graduate, please contact Mrs. Adriana Nieto at Mrs. Nieto will allow pickup at her home from 10 am - 12 pm and 5 pm - 7 pm daily. An appointment must be made to pickup the sign. At the time of the appointment and for the respect for COVID-19 guidelines, Mrs. Nieto will leave a yard sign on her porch for you to take.

Any yard signs that have not picked up a sign by May 26th, they will be available for pickup at Komarek School.


The information below will guide you and your graduate on how to turn in the school issued Chromebook as well as how to purchase one.

May 15th - Be on the lookout with an email from Mr. Fairman in regards to purchasing your graduate's laptop.

Tuesday, May 26th - Friday, May 29th - 8th graders need to bring their laptop when they pickup their graduation materials and school belongings.

Week of June 1st - Laptops will be prepared for purchase by Mr. Fairman this week.

Week of June 8th - Laptops will be ready for pickup. An email from Mr. Fairman will be sent out in regards to this process.

Komarek School District 94

Dr. Brian Ganan, Superintendent

Mrs. Caitlin DiLallo, Director of Student Services

Dr. Jason Gold, Principal

Mrs. Diane Michelini, Dean of Students