International Space Station

by Kevin D

International Space Station

A International space station is as long as a football field and has had people there since
November 2000. During that time, 222 people from 18 countries have been there.

The crew works 35 hours a week conducting research on scientific information to help us here on Earth

About the International Space Station

The international space station makes science and research possible that aren't able to be completed here on Earth.

Six people live and work on the space station. The space station travels at a rate of 5 miles per second and circles Earth every 90 minutes.

Solar panels make power for the station. The panels are longer than a Boeing 777 that is 212 feet (enough to cover the US Senate 3 times). The panels cause it to appear bright in the sky. If it were to pass your house at night you would be able to see it without a telescope. The neat thing is you can sign up for text messages to let you know when and where to look for the space station.


* The space station is controlled by 52 computers

* It is larger than a 6 bedroom house and weighs 1 million pounds.

* 8 miles of wire connects the electrical system

* The outside robot arm can lift 220,000 lbs.

Kevin Davis