Pit Protectors

Save a pit, Save a life

What we are?

We are a company or a group I would say that is trying to make some money for pits or pitbulls. We have a website name pitprotectors.weebly.com. We just hate what people do to pitbulls just because they think their violent and we totally disagree.

Why are we doing this?

We are doing this because its just horrible what people are doing this to pitbulls. They hit them and then eventually leave them to freeze and starve. But they didn't do anything to these people, so why then do it to the pitbulls.
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We now have a donation option on our website. You just have to click on this link. Then on the bottom left hand side and click donate. It will then take you to a purchase page. Fill that out with valid information and click agree and continue.
The video above shows a little girl that is taking her pitbull on a walk. See how are pitbulls so bad!
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Here is our logo