Carlo Gesualdo

By Kathleen Gorham


  • Born in 1516
  • Born and spent most of his life in Naples, at the country estate of Venosa
  • Started playing the lute, harpsichord, and sang at a very young age
  • His family supported him through his musical journey
  • Carlo was the prince of Venosa and court of Conza
  • Forgotten Composer
  • Symbolizes individualism because he was alone after his wife left and showed that in his work and secularism because he wanted money
  • Some pieces of his work: Mentre Madonna, and Danzan le Ninfe
  • Carlo actually married his first cousin, Maria, and then murdered her

Carlo Gesualdo - Sesto libro di madrigali: II. Beltà, poi che t'assenti

The Work

  • The name of the piece I selected is called Sesto libro di madrigali
  • It was created in 1566
  • There is very easy access to this piece, YouTube is a good site to find it
  • This piece includes some of the finest singers of the time with voices of skill and clarity
  • I find this song interesting because you can definitely tell the emotion he is portraying without even speaking the language it's sung in

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