How To Survive Living with People


  • Cover items in the microwave
  • Dont leave your stuff on the counter overnight
  • Clean dishes after use
  • Clean out any coffee makers, kettles and teapots
  • Clean out moldy food in the fridge
  • Empty dishwasher when it is clean
  • Wipe up crumbs
  • Clean up stove if you make a mess
  • Put cups in dishwasher
  • Throw out garbage (i.e. Timmy's cups)
  • Don't put sharp knifes face up in dishwasher
  • Don't put bowls or cups upright in dishwasher, or they wont get clean
  • Rinse dishes before putting them in dishwasher
  • Don't overfill dishwasher
  • To properly clean dishes by hand use SOAP
  • If you make a mess at the table, clean it up before you leave

Laundry Room

  • Do laundry at appropriate times
  • Close door to laundry room if doing it at night
  • Empty lint tray
  • Don't stop other peoples laundry
  • Take clothes out of machines when done
  • Don't slam machine doors

General Rules

  • Don't DOWNLAOD/TORRENT/pr0nz/EXCESSIVE INTERNET between 10am-Midnight
  • No loud tv after 12, no exceptions!
  • Turn the television volume down before turning it off
  • Delete old PVR's not being watched
  • Put jackets in front closet (i.e. not on chairs)
  • Put shoes on shoe rack, or in closet(i.e. tile is not a suitable place for your shoes)
  • Turn off LIGHTS
  • Don't leave personal belongings in common areas for prolonged times
  • Make sure tv volume does not exceed 12 after 11pm if alone
  • Please be considerate of others