Tech Tip: Smore

Christy Mullen

User Friendly

Students can easily navigate the site to create flyers for their projects. Everything is already formatted to look professional. This gives them more time to think about the content instead of the format.

How to Edit

The Edit buttons for design are on the right side of the screen. You change the Background, Colors and Fonts.

You add Elements to your flyer by clicking on the options on the bottom of the page. After you add each Element your can individually edit them by just clicking on them, then click the Done button when you finish.

How to Send the Flyer

Two ways:

1) Students can email you the link to their Smore Flyer.

2) Students can click the Done Editing or Update Page button at the top right side of the screen. A box appears that will allow you to send the flyer via email.

Tip: I use the a Gmail account set up just for school that the kids send work to, so my work email doesn't become too full.

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