By: Tiarra Favreau

The goups that are involved, and who has the power.

The groups in The Bullets and Ballots Simulation are the Army and Wealthy with 200 MSU's. Another group in the Ballot is The Guerillas with 60 MSU's. The other group in the Ballot is the Peasants with 0 MSU's. Also we have the Guatemalan Government with 20 MSU's. The last group isn't being drawn into the Ballot, but they are watching the groups and supporting them and it is the US with 60 MSU's.

How the balance of power shifted.

The power shifted in many different ways. In month one the US launched an attack against the Guerillas and the lost 10 MSU's and the Guerillas gained those 10 MSU's. The second month there was no MSU's lost or gained. The third month is were everything really went into play. The MSU's for the US does not matter so the US split their MSU's between the Government and Peasants and each of those groups gained 30 MSU's. The Guerillas then lost all there power and MSU's towards the Peasants and the Peasants took them over. The Army and Wealthy didn't want to see the Peasants to win the Ballot so the Army and Wealthy gave all their points to the Government. At this point of the game the Army and Wealthy, and the Guerillas both had zero MSU's and Guerillas lost all power, but then Army and Wealthy might not have no more MSU's, but they still are Wealthy and might have money stocked in many different areas. Now, the Peasants and the Government went head on head in the Ballot and the Government had more power, but lost the Ballot. In this game the US is the group that has a lot of power because they are able to control and put things into place.

The cooperation and conflict in each group explaining viloence, corruption, and war

Cooperation inside the game is groups working together and figuring out how to take over groups. Each group supported each other, but also played each other and that's where the conflict comes into it. The conflict between each other in the game is how some groups played other groups. On top of it all they made treaties and fooled us into thinking it as a different way to sign. The violence in the game is just the attacks going between the Guerillas and the Army and Wealthy. The corruption between us all is trying to get more power in our group so we can have the strength and be able to win the ballot. The war is the groups jumping on each others back about fooling them and the attacks launched.