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March 12, 2021

Hello SVDP Community,

Happy Friday! A year ago today, we quickly shifted to Distance Learning in response to the growing concerns of the pandemic. We were originally supposed to be home for two weeks. Looking back, it has been a year of frustration and joy. We've shared successes, near successes, and even some failures as we learned how to teach, parent, communicate, and learn in a virtual world. I once again want to thank each of you for keeping your students' well being at the center of every decision.

We already see positive indicators that this will eventually be a memory. Vaccines, reopenings, and increased campus attendance build hope. Inside SVDP, over 85% of our instructional staff has been vaccinated, and they participate in testing every other week. Please continue to practice safe measures to keep you, your family, and our SVDP community healthy.


Marguerite Pini


Do You Miss Morning Assembly?

Join us each morning @ 8:00AM as our students present morning assembly from the school office.

Morning Assembly Zoom Link


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The Advisory Board and the Administration know that our amazing families are the best spokespeople for SVDP. To remain competitive in the San Francisco school marketplace, we must attract families that share our educational standards, values, and sense of community. For these reasons, the Advisory Board is pleased to announce a Family Referral Program.

Beginning July 1, 2021, if you recommend a family that accepts enrollment and pays all their fees, incidental charges, and tuition through October for the 2022-2023 school year, the Finance Committee will apply a $500 credit to your FACTS account in October 2022. You will get $500 for each successful referral, with a max of three referral credits. Only one SVDP family may claim a referral. The FACTS credit must be used towards tuition, not incidental charges. When a family applies, they should include the name of the referring family on their application. Online applications have been updated to include this information. The referring family does not need to write a letter of recommendation to receive the credit.


Before this program launches in July, we are offering a pilot initiative beginning immediately. From now to June 30, 2021, if a current family refers an incoming family to attend in Grades 1 – 7 (for the 2021-2022 school year), the referring family will receive a $500 credit in October 2021, contingent on the applicant accepting enrollment and paying all fees, incidental charges, and tuition through October 2021.


Uniform Clarification

(reposted from 3/5/21) During HyFlex learning, we were more lenient regarding wearing the full uniform everyday. Beginning immediately, students must always be in full uniform (see attached), which includes the school sweater. In addition, for the remainder of this school year, students may wear the uniform store's fleece or Parent Guild Spirit Store items OVER their sweater (not in place of their sweater) while in the classroom.

Any additional items worn for warmth must be navy or gray and display no logos, graphics, or trademarks.



(reposted from 2/26/21 and 3/5/21) Change is the new norm, so here we go again! We ask that you show patience as we attempt to remain fluid, yet cautious in our decisions.

This week, the city of San Francisco updated their travel regulations. Click here for full release. Based on this information, here is the current policy at SVDP.

  • If a student travels outside the state or country, they will need to quarantine for a minimum of five days upon return (time frame may be dependent on destination) and present a negative COVID result for a test taken approximately four days after their return home.
  • If a student travels 120 miles from home, but does not leave the state, the state recommends that you quarantine, but it is no longer required.
  • If you have non-Easter break travel plans, please contact to discuss specifics of travel plans, quarantine, testing, and learning options.

We cannot guarantee that this policy will be in place for Easter Break. Again, we ask for your patience and flexibility. We know people want to make plans, but all we can work with is what is happening today.

We will continue to plan on offering distance learning the week of April 12th - 16th, however, be aware that distance learning is no longer be HyFlex (where children Zoom into each class), but Directed Studies, where the students complete their work offline, but participates in scheduled teacher/student check-ins. In order for our teachers to know who to plan for in-person and distance, families must complete this quick questionnaire (click link or use the button below) regarding their travel plans. Please complete by March 19th.



It was a busy week at SVDP, and we closed out today hosting a staff meeting with the "visiting" accreditation team. The team spent Tuesday through Friday with us. They have conducted interviews with parents, board members, staff, and students. They have visited classrooms and experienced SVDP all through their computer monitor.

At our final meeting today, they reported that SVDP K8 Catholic School is highly successful in all accreditation factors. Their Report of Findings will now go to the WCEA and WASC Accreditation boards for final approval.

Again, thank you for your participation in this process. Your response to the various surveys, many open discussions and independent conversations through out the past several years have culminated in the writing of our self-study. Your input was invaluable.


Annual Giving Class Captains

This week, our Class Captains started their own campaigns to boost participation and dollars that benefit every student at SVDP. With their diligence, the thermometer has moved to 71%. This group of volunteers believes in SVDP and understands the importance of the Annual Giving program. Make it easy on them --- if you haven't donated, take a minute and do so this weekend.

Very hopeful that next week, we will have a class reach 100% participation. Tax deductible donations can be made via check (payable to SVDP and sent to Brenda Barkley's attention), FACTS, online, or stocks / securities.

Questions? Contact Brenda Barkley, Development Director, or 415.346.5505 x 107

Click here for online donations!


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Together We Are... SVDP School Reopening Plan 2020

Follow the link to read the latest news on our school reopening plan.