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Notes from the desk of Mrs. Senior November 15, 2021

Hello Ninja Nation,

The eSchool staff and administration would like to extend a warm wish of thanks to all of our wonderful Learning Guides and ninjas for your support and hard work this semester. We hope everyone has a smooth week and fun fall break with friends and family.

In this edition...

- The Turkey Trot

- Great American Teach-In Schedule

- Yearbook Purchase

- Birthdays

- Ninja of the Month Names

- Second Semester Materials Pick-up

Important Dates:

*The Turkey Trot All Month

  • November 15 - 19 - The Great American Teach-In Virtual Event
  • November 22 - 26 - Fall Break, Happy Thanksgiving!
  • November 29 - December 17 NWEA MAP Test and DIBELS Test Window
  • December 6 - Ninja of the Month
  • December 8 - Second Semester Evening Materials Pick-up 5:00 - 7:00 PM
  • December 16 & 17 - Fourth Grade EMC Field Trip

Turkey Trot

It is time for the Turkey Trot!

The Turkey Trot is a drawing for students who are ON or AHEAD of pace and have submitted the required number of assignments during the week.

Your name could be entered into each week's drawing up to FIVE times!

Drawings will occur on:

November 8th

November 15th

December 29th

Turkey Trot Winners for November 15th are...

Kindergarten - Hamza Jawad in Mrs. Bergmann's class

First Grade - Kaden Barbosa-Mathis in Mrs. Hammes's class

Second Grade - Bianca Morandotti in Ms. Power's Computer Science class

Third Grade - Caden Bergmann in Mrs. Richard's class

Fourth Grade - Isabella Strasser in Ms. Michael's class

Fifth Grade - Yaymell Rosales in Mrs. Espinosa's class

Turkey Trot Winners for November 8th are...

Kindergarten - Kara Barker in Ms. Arwood's class

First Grade - Ellis Chastain in Mrs. McAvey's Art Class

Second Grade Kinston Nelson in Mr. Tyson's class

Third Grade - Izabella Smith in Ms. Lee's class

Fourth Grade - Alana Remulla in Mrs. Suriano's class

Fifth Grade - Lydia Neuhauser in Mrs. Obregon's Spanish class

Prizes will be mailed home.

Administrative Support

JoAnne Glenn - School Principal - Supporting K-12

Erin Senior - Assistant Principal - Elementary School K-5

Jackie Choo - Assistant Principal - Middle School 6-8

Marie Mitchell - Assistant Principal - High School 9-12 and Dual Enrollment

Happy Birthday!

Logan Prouty

Hailee Park

Abigail Lachance

Thi Truong

Austin Colon

Jude Odataliah

Alex Arreguin

Tristan Holt

Daamin Nasiri

Tate Boyett

Alegna Campanioni Perez

Stephen Colletti

October Ninja of the Month Celebration


Mona Atwood

Abigail Lachance

First Grade

Marcos Lloren-Taillacq

Jahylah Philippe

Second Grade

Aaron Stine

Sri Yarrabilli

Alex Jimenez

Third Grade

Marquis Walmsley

Zyeer Moore

Fourth Grade

Wesley McCrackin

Gavin Hayes

Fifth Grade

Bella Otto-Masterson

Dominick Clark

Blake Sherrard

Kindergarten Electives

Jude Odatallah - Art

Trinity Stine - Music

Aanya Gaddam - PE

Auron Hortz - Computer Science

Perla Rodriguez

First Grade

Connor Flannery - Art

Luna Aviso - Music

Brenda Erazo - PE

Adam Sullivan - Computer Science

Maximus Maldonado - Spanish

Second Grade

David Turipe-Blanchard - Art

Josiah Nix - Music

Jadon Castillo - PE

Mohamed Aly - Computer Science

Lucian Cade - Spanish

Third Grade

Violet Latin - Art

William Girone - Music

Mae Bixler - PE

Aishvi Nadhibeeria - Computer Science

Phoenix Kenney - Spanish

Fourth Grade

Michael Ragan - Art

Chloe Borda-Nassif - Music

Zoie Cox - PE

Kai Partington-Cook - Computer Science

William Sargent - Spanish

Fifth Grade

Blake Sherrard - Art

Sravya Pasumarthi - Music

Arjun Gurram - PE

Amina Faloss - Computer Science

Lily Vortia - Spanish

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Florida Required Instruction

The State Board of Education works with Florida school districts to develop and monitor plans to provide required instruction through section 1003.42 (2)(n), Florida Statutes. More information about the topics included, as well as Pasco County Schools plan for implementation, please visit our district's website. A table listing topics, as well as grade levels required to have each topic presented, is attached below.

These topics are embedded into some subjects and courses, and others will be presented through homeroom announcements, special activities, and standalone modules.

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Tuesday, Oct. 19th, 9:30am

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Math Book Pick-up

Families may pick up materials Monday - Friday between 9:30 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. in our main office located at Crews Lake Middle School.