Culture War

Jeff Perkins

Burwell v. Hobby

The Green family owns and operates Hobby Lobby Stores. The majority (5-4) agreed that requiring some for-profit employers to pay for insurance that covers contraception was a violation of religious freedom.

McCullen v. Coakley

Massachusetts state legislature made a 35-foot buffer zone around the entrances and exits of abortion clinics. People who routinely engage in “pro-life counseling” outside of state abortion clinics, sued in federal district court and argued that the law violated the First Amendment protection of free speech.

Roe v. Wade

The Roe v. Wade case legalizes abortion rights. Legalizing abortion rights did not end arguments over a woman’s right to end a pregnancy. Culture war still happens often arguing over rights to abortion mainly those of religious backgrounds.

Gratz v. Bollinger

In Gratz v. Bollinger the court limited the use of race in college admissions. It made the laws around affirmative action more uncertain. Arguments were that since people were of a certain race/culture/background they got more privileges.

Two Supreme Court Justices likely to Retire Soon

Antonin Scalia

3/11/1936. Age: 78 yr 8 mo

Anthony Kennedy

7/23/1936. Age: 78 yr 4 mo

Change would likely happen because both justices are older and leant words the conservative spectrum


Culture war in the U.S. Is a battle that is hard and almost impossible to make better. The constitution gives the government no right to give one group of people, religion, race, more respect than the other.