Team Handball

By:Olga assaba


  • Game time = Two 30-min. halves. Can modify to suit needs.

-Official team : 6 players, and 1 goalie. Usual positions are 3 forwards (2 wings an<l a

center forward) and 3 backs (left, center, and right)

-Players may hold ball for 3 sec., pass, shoot, dribble , run 3 steps

with the ball.

-Any violation of ball handling rules results in a free throw (taken at the spot by member of opposing team).

-Start game with "throw off'. All players must be on their own side so this becomes a lateral or backwards pass.

-If ball out of bounds: Sideline throw in at the spot by member of team that did not touch it last. All others 3 m (10'away)

-End-line by offense results in a throw off by goalie from anywhere in goal area while opponents stay beyond free throw line. by defense results in a corner throw just like throw in)

-No one can be in the goal area except the goalie.


What you need to be able to play team handball is a Spherical ball/synthetic materials, you will need 2 goal keepers that will be on each side which will need different uniform than the players in their team, you will need an area that is about 40 meters long and 20 meters wide with goal on each side and a diving line in the middle, the players can wear any shoes they want even team handball shoes, and about 7 players but 1 will be the goalie.

Offensive/Defensive skills

Offensive skills is that you use are dribbling, passing, shooting, and catching.

Defensive skills are blocking, and going between 9 and 6 meter line.

Benefits for physical health, mental/emotional health, and social health.

Team handball can help with physical health through running because there is a lot of running involved in this game. A way this game can help with mental health is when your feeling angry or stressed out, you can always ask your friends to play with you to clear your mind or if its your favorite sport maybe it can help you calm down. If your playing team handball and your communicating with each team member and able to pass it will help you win the game and if everybody participated and liked it, then you might become friends with them and start hanging out with them and play more games.