Jane Addams

By: Tori Winfrey


Jane Addams was born on september 6, 1860. Her parents were Sarah Weber Addams and John Addams. Jane's father was friends with Abraham Lincoln and would write letters back and forth to him. Sarah, Jane's mother had eight children. When Jane was just three years old her mother became ill and died. Jane looked up to her father and worked hard to become like him. John, Jane's father later remarried to a women named Anna and she wasn't so happy about this because she wasn't able to mimic her father anymore. She learned how to become a proper women from her stepmother. Jane was very good at school she was even her class president and many other grat accomplishments. She graduated from college and attended medical school which her parents did not want her to do. When her father died she decided medicine was not what she wanted to do so she traveled to Europe instead. She really wanted to help the people who didn't have anything so she opened the Hull House. There were many different people welcomed into the house and she wanted everyone to come together as one. She did not want people to be seperated. She was big on peace and children issues also. In 1935 just three days after she found out she had cancer she died. There is a lot to remember her by though and she is a women many people can look up to and thank for how society is today.


1. She had written 10 books, wrote more than two thousand articles and given hundreds of speeches.

2. Founded the Hull House which was a Chicago settlement house providing assistance to immigrants.

3. Nobel Peace Prize in 1931

4. She was the first women at the National Conference of Social Work in 1905

5. In 1909 she was the first women president of the National Conference of Charities and Corrections

6. The Hull House became very popular and it is estimated thatit had about 2,000 residents per week

7. Jane was also Vice President of the Campfire Girls

8. She was on the execuative board of the National Playground Association

9. She was rarely acknowledged as a sociologist because she was a women and that was a male dominate field at the time

10. She was the first women to recieve an honorary degree at Yale University