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Third Grade Newsletter - October 14, 2016

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Fun(d) Run!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent teacher conferences are quickly approaching. The end of first quarter is Tuesday October 18th, and parent teacher conferences are during the evenings of Thursday October 20th and Monday October 24th. Conference notes come home today - Friday the 14th. These notes will give you your scheduled conference time. Please mark the note appropriately, and If you are unable to attend the scheduled time, please be sure to call the office to reschedule your appointment as soon as possible. First quarter grade cards will be discussed during your parent teacher conference. I look forward to seeing each of you!

HATS off to you!

WOW! The third graders did a fantastic job with their performance of HATS! Thank you for coming to the evening performance, and thank you Mrs. Backes for another great show!


We reviewed rounding to the nearest dollar this week when we were given a scenario where we had to "spend" money to purchase classroom materials. Each student had $200.00 to spend! The students had to estimate their final cost and then find the exact cost. When comparing the exact cost with the estimate, students had to evaluate if they over estimated or under estimated. With this activity, we also practiced adding more than two numbers at a time. We had to carefully line up the numbers so we didn't make any mistakes! Some students prefer to add the series of numbers in smaller "chunks" then add those numbers together for a final sum.

English Language Arts

Spelling- Students have been practicing spelling compound words by breaking the word apart into the smaller word parts.

Language- We continued to practice adding commas to a series or list of three or more items. We talked about why commas are important, and how they might change the meaning of a sentence.

(I love to cook my family and my pets -------> I love to cook, my family, and my pets.)

Writing- We have continued practicing writing quality paragraphs that include a topic sentence, details, and a concluding sentence. This week we wrote about our character trait and our third grade play.

Reading- This week began looking at context clues and how to use them to help us figure out unknown words as we are reading. The type of context clues that we will continue focusing on next week include inferencing, looking for definitions, examples, and using synonyms or antonyms clues.

Science & Social Studies

We started to talk about checks and balances and separation of powers this week. We discussed the three branches including the head of each branch as well as their job. We will dive more deeply into each branch next week! Look below to play and sing along to our new song- "Our Government"!

Our Government Song

"Our Government"

Lyrics Written by Mr. Starke

Instrumental: Heathens by 21 Pilots

Video Production: Mr. Johnson A.K.A. Mr. J

Rap Vocals: Mr. Starke A.K.A Starkey Starke

Introduction and Singing Vocals: Mr. Ferguson A.K.A. Fergy Ferg

Our government is made of three branches

Executive and Legislative

And then there’s the Judiciary

They work for the people

You and Me

It all started back in 1776

When they were tryin’ to claim


It was John, Tom, and Ben

And John Hancock

You know he signed it big

At the bottom of that doc

They wanted to be free

Didn’t want to be ruled by a king

Cuz Thomas Paine said it didn’t make sense

So they wrote to King George…the

Declaration of Independence

Sing it…

Our government is made of three branches

Executive and Legislative

And then there’s the Judiciary

They work for the people

You and Me

So then they thought

We need some laws

Keep our nation grounded

Fix our flaws

So they came up with a simple solution

Sat down and wrote the Constitution

It’s the Bill of Rights

Amendments too

They workin’ for the people

Me and you

They give us choice

And Freedom of speech

Divided up the branches

Into three

Listen to these words

Sing it Mr. Ferg

Our government is made of three branches

Executive and Legislative

And then there’s the Judiciary

They work for the people

You and Me

Enforcin’ laws

Executive's the President

Vetoin laws

The white house the residence

The legislative’s Congress

House and the senate

Writin' laws

Each state's representin’

Judicial makes em’ fair

Interprets the word

Checked and balanced

Sing it Fergy Ferg

Our government is checked and balanced

It spreads the power through the branches

And makes sure they are bein’ honest

Guess who’s writin’

It’s Francis Scott Key

The Star Spangled Banner

Oh say can you see?

Bombs bursting in air

Flag in the sky

Pride in his heart

And a gleam in his eye

Our national anthem

I’m proud. Can’t you see?

We’re the home of the brave

And the land of the free

Our Government Song

Special Class Schedule

Group B - Week 3

Monday- Art

Tuesday- P.E

Wednesday- Music

Thursday- Art

Friday- P.E.


October 17- Flu Shot clinic for students

October 18- End of First Quarter

October 20 -Parent Teacher Conferences

October 21- Book Order Due

October 24- Parent Teacher Conferences

October 26- Brag Tag Assembly

October 27- Fall Bowling Party

October 28- NO SCHOOL

Scholastic Online Book Order Link

Click here to order from our October Book Order online. Orders are due by the 21st.

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