Fair Use

By: Victoria Donovan

Four Factors of Fair Use

  1. Purpose and character- is it a copy or am I doing something with it

  2. Nature of the original work- was it creative or informational

  3. Amount Used- How much can you use?

  4. Effect- Did it harm the market for the original work?

What is Fair Use?

Fair Use is a doctrine that permits people to use limited parts of a author's creative work.

The Fair Use Act allows them to use it for educational purposes like news reporting, criticism, teaching, and research.

Creative Commons License

The license allows you to keep your copyright, but allows others to use your work. They have to give you credit.
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Copyright and Fair Use

Fair Use Run

Thursday, Nov. 12th, 4:15pm

Shenandoah, PA, United States

Shenandoah, PA

On November 11th we will hold a Fair Use Run. You are encouraged to enter. It's five dollars without a shirt and twenty dollars with. This is for ages from 12-60. It will be a 5k and we will hand out maps to show you where to go. The course will also be marked. At the end of the race we will hold a presentation about Fair Use. Hope to see you there!