Jackson: My way or the highway

The Spoil System

The Spoil system allows the president to choose his cabinet members. This benefits the president by giving them the power to give their friends jobs and work with whoever they want. Jackson was the president to do this. He was the person who made it possible for the next presidents to do such thing.

Trail of Tears

The trail of tears in another name for when Jackson forced all of the Cherokee tribe out of Georgia. They call it the trail of tears because of all the hardships it caused all the Indians. It all started when Georgia got more and more annoyed with the Indian's taking up their land. It was settled by the Indians being put in Oklahoma.

Indian Removal Act

The Indian Removal Act is exactly what it looks like. The Indians were being removed from Georgia and put in Oklahoma. After they rounded up some Native Americans they put them in camps until they gathered more. This was also known as the trail of tears.

Political Cartoon

This cartoon shows Andrew Jackson hanging John Quincy Adams after the first election. Andrew Jackson is doing this because he won the election but congress stated before that you have to have 50% of the vote to become president and Andrew nor John had that but Andrew had more votes than John. So if that happens then congress gets to vote and make the final decision, John ended up winning because he is a rich white guy and congress is made up of rich white guys so Andrew had no shot when it was up to congress. The second time around suffrage was opened up to all men in the US, since there were more ordinary men than rich white men Andrew Jackson won fare and square for the second time and did a great job in office.


I LOVE Andrew Jackson he is the best president ever! I think he is the only president that you can have a nice, ordinary conversation with. His inauguration party was the BOMB! I cannot believe how fun it was! I think Jackson if a really cool guy and he really knows what he is talking about. I was so happy for him when he got the most votes in the first election but when i heard that congress voted for John Quincy Adams I was so mad! In the second election I was thrilled when i heard that suffrage was opened to all men not just rich white men i was so happy that i could vote for my man Andrew Jackson! I think he did a really great job in office!


I HATE Andrew Jackson! He is the monster that signed the Indian Removal Act! He is the worst person to walk this planet! If it wasn't for him our tribe would probably be in Georgia minding our own business. He was also the one who made us walk from Georgia to Oklahoma. If it wasn't for him my family would have five members, but now it is only me i was the only one who survived the harsh conditions, my mom, dad, brother and baby sister all died on the way here. If i could shoot Andrew Jackson in the heart I would in a heartbeat!