Social Groups

Cold War Culture

African American Artists

What? African American Artists where treated differently than white artists. Some ways they were treated differently were that they were on different stations because they said you could tell their voices apart.Time Period: Late 1940's-1960'sLocation: USACause: It cause prejudice in America and didn't help any rights movements. This was because Caucasian people would listen to the African American peoples music, unless they weren't prejudice at all which wasn't all that common during those times.Result: There really wasn't the worst result, they just played music on different stations.Significance: It was significant to Americans and also the radio companies because they would be less popular if they played certain kinds of music and just had to please the people.

Woman's roles in 1950's

What? Women's roles changed from the decade previous to the 50's  women took their husband's jobs in factories while they were away in the second world war. Women became more of a "house wife" and she didn't work and stayed home and took care of the kids, etc.Time Period: 1950'sLocation: USACause: Men came back and took jobs so women were at home with their children and that is why the baby boom happened which is when the birth rates sky rocketed.Result: Women were "housewives" and men were at work nothing really happened.Significance: It was significant to all Americans that had a family of their own.